About me

Hello and welcome to my site!
My name is Marcel and I am 23 years young. Here on walkie-talkie-guide.com, I am reporting about all kinds of things that have to do with handheld radios and walkie talkies.


You surely want to know how I came to this topic, right?

To be honest: I came across the topic by chance. One day I saw a video on YouTube about walkie talkies and got the idea to use radios myself to communicate over short distances. A little later I decided to bring this site to life. I explain in the next section, why I do this.


Why do I operate this page?

First and foremost I created walkie-talkie-guide.com because I tried to find out myself some time ago, with the help of Google, YouTube, and Co, which are the best walkie talkies.

During my research, however, I either came across dubious/uninformative websites that were only created to make quick money, or I discovered videos that only featured a walkie talkie or that were simply out of date.

With this website, I want to help all those who feel the same way as I did. Here I offer you independent tests of different handheld radios on the market, conduct a transparent evaluation of the products and at the same time clear up myths around the topic.

At the same time, the site has allowed me to earn a little pocket money – of course, I don’t want to keep this from you.

You have surely already seen the links that are marked with an asterisk (*). If you buy something through these so-called “affiliate links”, I will receive a percentage commission. But don’t worry, you won’t have to pay more than usual.

First of all, the technology is paid from this income. This includes the server, for example. In addition, the money is used to finance extensions and images for the website, for example, to provide the reader with great, informative graphics.

All that is left over are my profits. But even despite the money, I don’t let myself be influenced by any income possibilities when writing my test reports, but try to evaluate all products as objectively as possible.


Where does all my knowledge on this subject actually come from?

I have acquired my knowledge on this topic completely by myself. I have always been technically interested. Accordingly, it has not been difficult for me to familiarize myself with this topic.

Even though I study Business Informatics myself, I did not study Walkie Talkies – my knowledge therefore comes from websites (e.g. Wikipedia) or YouTube.


Any other questions?

You want to know more about me and walkie-talkie-guide.com?
Then just leave me a comment, I will answer it as soon as possible. 🙂

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