Retevis RT1 vs RT29

Many two-way radios are widely available in the United States. However, specifications are one of the essential factors that stand one from another. Two of the most talked about Retevis walkie-talkies today are the RT1 and RT29.

These two robust radios are available and ideal long-range two-way radios. Moreover, it has a simple software configuration or the function you want, which means the operation is easy. Both can transmit signals through multiple layers of concrete walls when operating in high-power mode.

Walkie-talkies come in various forms, from those that can withstand water to sleek and intelligent designs made for regular use are ideal. I’ll deliver a significant comparison in today’s article to help you understand more about the best features of these two radios.

Retevis RT1

Retevis RT29



6 miles

not stated

Power Output

not stated

not stated

Frequency Ranges

400 – 520 MHz (UHF)

400-480MHz / 430-440MHz (UHF), 144-148 MHz / 136-174 MHz (VHF)

License needed

yes (FCC License)

yes (FCC License)



Emergency Alert

Auto Squelch

LED Flashlight

Keypad Lock

Call Tones

Power Source

rechargeable Li-ion battery

rechargeable Li-ion battery


9.45 x 6.89 x 2.76 inches

5.9 x 2.3 x 1.5 inches


0.77 lb

0.74 lb

Scope of Delivery

  • radio

  • belt clip

  • charger

  • adapter

  • 2 antennas

  • Li-ion battery

  • earpiece

  • user manual

  • 2 radios

  • 2 belt clips

  • 2 hand straps

  • 2 charger

  • 2 adapter

  • 2 antennas

  • 2 Li-ion battery packs

  • 2 earbuds with microphone

  • user manual

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Comparison – Retevis RT1 vs RT29


Sturdy and long-lasting construction enhances anti-impact when choosing Retevis RT1 radio. In addition, the belt clasp has a more robust structural construction than previously, so you won’t have to worry about breaking easily.

Retevis RT29 offers optimal performance combined with increased power, significantly increasing the signal’s range and ability to be received. However, both are analog models with 16 channels. And both have power-saving functionality.

Retevis ensure that RT1 and RT29 have only one antenna, for the best one-piece bands tend to perform better than multiple-member ones.

It requires a computer to install the software to configure RT1 and RT29. First, visit the Retevis website to download the RT1 or RT29 software and USB driver. Then, connect your radio and PC firmly using the programming cable after installing the software.

Retevis RT1, you must choose the proper communication port on your radio and turn it on. Then, switch on your radio. Since RT1 UHF is 400-520MHz and RT1 VHF is 136-174MHz, you must stay within these ranges to program.

Then click “setup” and choose the appropriate frequency range. After selecting “program-read from the radio,” you can choose the desired frequency. Finally, select “program-write from the radio” and click to finish the program.

Retevis RT29, the channel information must be set. You can select more channel details by clicking “more.” You can change more functions and key settings by clicking “Edit.” Then finally save it, write them to the radio and then it will save everything.



The Retevis RT1 is ideal for outdoor use due to dust-proofing and waterproofing. In addition, there is no need to worry about the microphone being blocked or altered. RT1 radio walkie-talkies have a military-grade body construction, so they are resilient to drops and shocks.

The same goes for the Retevis RT29. It is resistant to extreme temperatures, vibration, and a drop of 2 meters. Thanks to its dustproof and waterproof IP67 rating, your RT29 will be safe to use even on wet days.


Power Source

A high-capacity battery-equipped two-way radio is what RT1 has to offer. The battery of RT1 provides 3000mAh that can work for a long time. In addition, it has 260 hours long standby time or 12-24 hours of available use.

With a 3200mAh capacity, the battery of RT29 can keep going for more than 250 hours in standby mode. Also, you can switch to power saver mode to increase use time even further. Chat without any disruptions is also one of the features of RT29.



The Retevis RT1 walkie-talkie features a 10W output with a standard and high-gain antenna. As a result, communication will be ongoing no matter how far the team is from each other.

On the other hand, the Retevis RT29 two-way radio also has a power output of 10 watts. As a result, it has high-quality sound, durable construction, and extended battery life.

Additionally, the high power and improved range of Retevis combine to produce outstanding performance. It has a long antenna that can transmit signal range and reception to enhance performance.


Retevis RT1 featured a loud voice with frequency bands of UHF 400-520MHz. Scan channels or the privacy codes within a track to find ongoing talks. In addition, the Time-Out-Timer or ToT can prevent the user from lingering on the channel for an extended period.

While Retevis RT29 uses unique UHF frequencies for use in modern businesses, for example. It has UHF400-480MHz. UHF radios are newer and more advanced, but VHF radios have been around for a lot longer and are much cheaper.

On another note, you must apply for a frequency spectrum to use a walkie-talkie. A personal amateur radio license is available. In general, you need a radio authority to use any walkie-talkie transmission.

The laws of each nation’s radio authorities shall apply to amateur stations and other purposes. Retevis walkie-talkies are ensured to develop and tested in compliance with national and international government standards.

Anyone can purchase two or more commercial two-way radios of a specific type. However, the FCC mandates that users of two-way radios possess two-way radio licenses if the radios they intend to use have wattages greater than a certain amount and are used for professional, commercial, or other purposes as determined by the FCC.



RT1 has built-in buttons that are sturdier than those on other radios. In addition, it has a dimension of 133x59x36mm with 16 storage channels. RT1 also offers clear hearing even in a bustling area.

It has excellent modern speech coding and transmission technologies and a loudspeaker. Additionally, the Side-key assignment is simple, configure the program’s functionality using its software.

Another great feature is transmitting a signal using voice command without pressing the PTT key, thanks to the variable VOX transmission sensitivity. The RT1 also provides emergency buttons. To call for assistance in an emergency, press the emergency alarm button.

The Retevis RT29 also has the same dimension as RT1, 133x59x36mm. A handheld device that can carry anytime without being distracted.

Going through the RT29 has an independent encryption system. It makes and receives calls in crystal clarity on a signal-free channel. Another feature is the emergency alert function which the RT1 also has.

Even in busy areas, RT29 offers precise sound thanks to the high-quality two-way radios with the microphone’s clear transmission. Additionally, the background noise can control using the automated squelch mechanism, and the RT29 comes with various extra capabilities, including monitor, scan, alert, and TOT.


The two-pack of Retevis RT29 walkie-talkies costs about $170 on the Amazon marketplace. On average, other online marketplaces charge roughly $57 for a single pack. Conversely, for $50, you can purchase a single collection of Retevis RT1.

If you plan to buy many RT1, Amazon offers a 5-pack for $319.99 and $339.99 for an RT29 5-pack. Although Amazon is the favorite e-commerce for many in the United States, you can still find other sources to compare and check the best price available.

Remember that these items from Amazon and this article are standardized for use in the United States. The things might need a power adapter or voltage converter to work correctly in your destination country. Before making a purchase, be sure the two devices are compatible.


Conclusion – Retevis RT1 vs RT29

I understand that it can be challenging to choose the best walkie-talkies due to the wide range of available models. However, depending on purpose, requirements, and budget, it is vital to know the essential factors and functionality.

For example, handheld devices differ in a few requirements, such as the battery and frequency range. However, UHF radios’ ability to penetrate common urban obstacles like concrete, steel, and wood is a significant plus.

Retevis has better met the needs of different clients. For amateur, commercial, and general personal users, Retevis focuses on two-way radios and related equipment. Consequently, deciding between Retevis RT1 and RT29 can take time and effort.

There are few differences between the Retevis RT1 and RT29, not even a significant price difference. Therefore, deciding between these two Retevis models could be challenging. However, both of them look strong and have good waterproofing.

The two radios have very similar dimensions and colors. They both have the portability that allows them to use at any time and place. They are also sturdy and straightforward to put together.

You can select the best option, whether to choose for the battery functionality and cost.

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