Tutorial: How to Reset Cobra Walkie Talkies

In the age of smartphones, it is evident that walkie-talkies are still the go-to device for outdoor enthusiasts. The functionalities that come with a walkie-talkie is almost easy to use because most have few buttons to familiarize yourself with. One of the walkie-talkie brands with easy functionality and clear reception is the Cobra MicroTalk.

But, when it suddenly stops working when changing channels or you set your channel by mistake, it can be pretty messed up.

So, how do you resolve it? One solution is to reset your walkie-talkie if it has factory default settings. After resetting it, the radio will go back to its original settings. If it does not have, you can read the manual for other options to save your messed up walkie-talkie.

Another procedure that might be worth trying is to follow these simple steps. It is the general procedure for resetting all brands of walkie-talkies.

  • Press the Power/Mode and Talk button simultaneously.
  • Then, press Power/Mode to turn it on.

This guide will help you further understand factory reset and how to do it with your Cobra MicroTalk. Besides, we don’t want anything to hinder our communication.


All About Cobra MicroTalk

The Cobra MicroTalk is one of the original two-way radio brands in the U.S market. It is made for people who want a walkie talkie to be used outdoors. This brand is great for heavy-duty purposes. Aside from being compact and durable, it offers clear communication between users. You can also use it for more than a day’s use because of its long battery life.

On the other hand, walkie-talkies can be problematic at the most unexpected times. Especially if your cobra walkie-talkie has been with you for several years already, it will begin to show problems. That’s why it’s essential to know the most convenient troubleshooting methods to fix your walkie-talkie. One of them is resetting the device.


Factory Reset

Before anything else, it’s essential to know the importance of factory reset and why you should do it for your walkie-talkie.

Resetting your walkie-talkie will return your device to its original settings. Hence, you will be able to use your device again.

It functions like this: it removes all recorded data on your walkie-talkie and reverts it to original settings. To be exact, a factory reset reverts the setting to when you first bought your walkie-talkie. Data like channels and privacy codes will be wiped out for good. Hence, you can create another set of settings for you to use.

The good news is, it doesn’t harm your device even if you do it many times, as long as you do it correctly.


Why Reset It?

So, why reset your walkie-talkie?

The obvious answer is to return it to its original state. This means you can expect that it will solve all the buggy problems you have faced before.

Other reasons are that the device displays unreadable symbols on the screen and fails to use other functionalities like scanning and push-to-talk. Some cases may stem from difficulty communicating because you have set the wrong power output for your walkie-talkie.

Whatever the problem is, it’s entirely difficult to pinpoint the root cause of your walkie-talkie. Resetting the device is worth doing, but only if minor troubleshooting problems can’t solve it. Besides, it won’t damage your walkie-talkie.

Unlike mobile phones, returning your walkie-talkie to its default settings won’t back up the previous data. That being said, record the earlier settings to ensure communication with the other person.

Another important note is there is no specific factory reset guide indicated in the Cobra MicroTalk manuals. However, you may consider these alternative easy-to-follow steps whatever model you have.



You may be wondering that there is no reset button for all Cobra MicroTalk models. In fact, there is no reset feature for all Cobra Walkie-Talkies devices. However, you can hold your device’s power button to turn it on or turn it off. After doing this, inspect if you’re still encountering issues with your Cobra MicroTalk.

Another procedure that might be worth trying is to follow these simple steps. It is the general procedure for resetting all brands of walkie-talkies.

  • Press the Power/Mode and Talk button simultaneously.
  • Then, press Power/Mode to turn it on.


Conclusion – How to reset Cobra Walkie Talkies

Although there is no specific procedure for resetting your Cobra walkie-talkie, it’s worth trying these steps. You can read the detailed manual to fix some issues. Furthermore, you can also call the manufacturer to know how to reset your device, or they will be the one doing it for you.

A reset may resolve existing issues, but it won’t work at all times. That’s why, if you still have no luck in fixing your walkie-talkie, and it’s time to contact the manufacturer to fix it for you. Some issues need professional help, and they know best how to resolve walkie-talkie issues.

Also, always test your device before you use it outdoors. Walkie-talkies are essential for communication and safety purposes, so make sure that it is working correctly.



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