Would Walkie Talkies work after a Solar Flare?

In a world without electricity, digital technology loses its importance in our lives. Though rare, solar flares have happened before and will occur in the near future. This is due to the sunspot cycle and the rise and advancement of electricity-reliant technology; thus, the need to stay informed, know what to do and what to have when a solar flare comes our way. And the most important question: Would Walkie Talkies work after a Solar Flare?

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Short Answer

Yes. When mobile phones are no longer operable, walkie talkies will be one of the best ways to communicate. Therefore, non-electronic means to disseminate information (in other words, handheld radios) are worth investing in.


Long Answer

Any electromagnetic pulse (EMP) usually wipes out electrical grids and any electrical device unless magnetically shielded. When this happens, power systems and heating are in danger of going haywire. Sometimes, electrical infrastructure is destroyed too. Though other natural disasters can also knock out the power grid, the best way to relay information stays the same: via walkie-talkie. As long as your walkie talkie has batteries and spare ones, they should work just fine. To ensure that they will work when a solar flare hits, make sure to shield them magnetically!


What is a Solar Flare?

On the sun’s surface, giant fiery eruptions can cause magnetically charged particles into space and on the way to Earth. Masses of charged particles and magnetic field hurtling towards us is how EMPs can occur naturally. However, EMPs can also be created by us. Solar flares can be caused by nuclear devices, blasts, and EMP bombs that don’t have the nuclear element.


Can a Solar Flare affect Walkie Talkies?

There are instances in which a solar flare can affect the batteries that will go into your walkie talkie. Usually, magnetically protecting them ensures that they will work just fine when the need arises. I recommend having an EMP preparation kit* fully equipped with spare batteries. I recommend this EMP Shield Bag:

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How can I protect my Walkie Talkie from a Solar Flare?

Unfortunately, tin foil, like in most blockbuster films, isn’t enough. The solution: a Faraday cage. Invented in 1836, the Faraday cage or shield is an enclosure that is made of conductive material. This structure is the best way to protect its contents (usually electronic devices) from electric pulses.

Faraday shields are easy to purchase and are readily available online. It should be noted that they can be on the pricier end of the spectrum. On the other hand, you can make one out of household objects if the one you’re eyeing is a bit out of your price range. First, you need to construct a box or pick one out. If it’s made of a non-conductive material, make sure to wrap it in at least two layers of tin foil. Make sure that after wrapping, there are no holes at all.


Conclusion – Would Walkie Talkies work after a Solar Flare?

A seemingly inactive sun does not necessarily mean a calm sun. Solar storms that pierce the Earth’s atmosphere tend to have ripple effects that we cannot ever fully predict. Thankfully, we’ve learned from our lack of education and know a little more about what to do when a solar flare comes our way. Power grids have been knocked out before, and the reigning champion of communication are ham radios and walkie talkies.

Technology is constantly advancing, and companies have taken steps to improve safeguards against solar flares since we first became aware of them. Still, we have become even more reliant on electronics that are easily crippled by EMPs. Luckily, even though huge power trips, walkie-talkies are easy to use and reliable. If you have the chance to shield them magnetically, that’s even better!

These devices come in various styles and designs to make sure that there is something for users of all levels of expertise. Depending on the price you’re willing to pay, the handheld radio is a great investment for not only electromagnetic pulses but also other natural disasters. I recommend investing in a pair of walkie-talkies, as well as a couple of spare batteries. You may never know when the next sunspot will give birth to a solar flare.



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