Will Walkie Talkies work after EMP?

 In a world where electronics and connection are the foundations of social progress, it is easy to be frustrated and anxious about the idea behind everything coming to a halt once a malicious attack happens.

Nevertheless, while there is a certainty that your anxieties are valid, the thought about electronics becoming useless after EMPs is far beyond reality. Modern electronic devices and appliances are embedded with protective systems that will ensure their usability even after sudden unexpected EMPs.

What is EMP all about, and what are the effects of the performance of electronic devices, especially those that are used for networked communication?


Short Answer

This discussion identifies with possibilities that your walkie talkies will still work after an EMP. Through the practical application of electronic interventions, you can indeed find ways to make sure your walkie talkie can be used for communication and data sharing after an EMP.

While it is true that your electronic devices will still work, this discussion shall present some of the impacts that an EMP would have upon the function of specific electronic devices including walkie talkies and what operations you can perform on it.


Long Answer

Given the situation today, it cannot be denied that humans have been explicitly relying on the constructive functionality of electronics and international connectivity through the worldwide web.

As electronics and communication advancements are being incurred, the rising uncomfortable thought about the possibility of one large electronic, magnetic pulse [EMP] happening is causing many to panic. Because of such dependency on electronics, life would come to a halt.

In cases like this, knowing more is always better. Understanding what an EMP is and how it affects electronic devices will surely provide a clear pattern of response to the problem.


What is an EMP?

Given that there are several nuclear plants around the globe used to source out electricity and power the world, it is evident that the risks presented by this matter could create a significant impact on how the world operates today.

EMP Or Electromagnetic Pulse is associated with the resulting product caused by nuclear blasts. The atomic blasts are expected to result in sudden surges of power that may result in electronic devices to short circuit.

Given those communication devices and the general distribution of energy to power up communication networks that support the internet depend on electricity sourced from nuclear power plants, an EMP will create a massive impact on these systems.


Which Situations would result in an EMP?

An EMP directed to a region or location could drop the electricity distribution in the area dramatically.

Given the situation now, this could mean paralyzing systems of economy and governance. Thinking about this could create panic and anxiety over the possibility of life being disturbed because of the sudden occurrence of EMP.

Worrying about EMPs is a common thought among those who are mostly dependent on their electronic devices.

The truth is, even when an EMP surge happens, there are already some defenses in place. Companies producing electronic devices and appliances have these thoughts in mind as well. For these products, there are mechanisms embedded within the system that will help prevent sudden electromagnetic pulses or surges from damaging the operation of the appliance or the device ultimately.

The same thing is right when it comes to protecting communication devices such as walkie talkies.

The prepper culture has certainly embraced the idea of having walkie talkies on hand because they can complete work even when sudden EMPs occur. While this may be true, there are still some things that need consideration.


What devices are affected by an EMP?

Although EMPs can happen or for these situations to be used maliciously by social and political rebels- it is assumed that the possibility of it happening and impacting the whole world is very much unlikely.

When EMP happens, there would be some regions that will be heavily affected. It is important to be rational enough and understand that it will be tough for any malicious action to take down the whole system with one surge alone.

Nevertheless, the devices that might likely be affected are the modern communication devices- which means that there might be a few days of a shutdown right after the occurrence of an EMP.

Nevertheless, because batteries power walkie talkies, they are much less likely to be deeply affected by the surge. Then again, battery life does not last long. It means that you must be prepared enough to have an alternative if you wish to use walkie talkies.



Will a Walkie Talkie work after EMP?

 The short and direct answer to this question would be yes.

There are specific considerations to take note of if you want to utilize walkie talkies as an alternative communication device when EMP happens.

One would be the central source of power. Rechargeable batteries are better to be used than the disposable ones. To prepare for the unexpected EMP surges, you would also need to make sure that the alternative power resources that you can use are well prepared.

Another issue to consider is the readiness of communication towers. There will be a time when communication may be impossible because everything is down- depending on the strength of the surge.


How to shield a Walkie Talkie against an EMP

EMP shields would work for all electronic devices. Protecting walkie talkies could take the same pattern. Ham radios and CB radios may work efficiently even after an EMP like that of walkie talkies.

Nevertheless, as noted earlier in the discussion, you must also be prepared with an alternative source of power and know that immediately establishing communication may not be possible. You might need to wait for some time to find a connecting signal that will help you communicate better during emergencies.

Walkie Talkies are not only needed for preparation against EMPs. You can also depend strongly on the communication alternative that walkie talkies provided during earthquakes, typhoons, and other emergencies.

The strength and reliability of walkie talkies have been proven many times, especially during war times. It is the reason why they are used in the field between members of the army, mostly when they are operating within remote areas.

Such strength of operation and reliability of its functionality makes it the best option for communication during EMP surges. Nevertheless, like the army, everything must be prepared for walkie talkies to work correctly.


Conclosure – Will Walkie Talkies work after EMP?

As it could be concluded in this post, walkie talkies are undoubtedly useful, especially in dealing with different emergencies such as EMPs. The surge in power during nuclear emergencies will indeed create problems in the manner by which individuals communicate.

During these situations, the connection needs to be established well. However, it cannot be denied that certain disturbances ought to be expected. Walkie talkies, although they are robust and reliable, they need to be supported with a suitable power source.

Communication lines ought to be open during these times. Making sure you are connected not only to family members but also to receive news updates, and you can opt to use walkie talkies. With proper power support, these communication tolls could work well during emergencies in general.



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