Tutorial: Retevis RT29 Programming with Software

Since the RT29 does have a significant power, the contact length is lengthy. The RT29 has 2 frequency bands from which to choose: UHF or VHF. At the very same moment, the RT29 has a massive battery capacity, allowing it to remain in standby mode for an extended period of time. Also, don’t forget about the waterproofing feature. As a result, many people prefer RT29. Simultaneously, numerous people ask questions about the programming frequency of RT29.

Moreover, how would we program frequency for this fantastic RT29? CTCSS/DCS is fine for audio communication systems if all channels of communication are set to the same frequency. You’ll have to program within the software.


What you need to program the Retevis RT29 on a PC

I’m sorry to inform you that the Retevis RT29 cannot be programmed on a Mac. Simply try to program this on a Windows Computer; if you require programming software for the RT29, make sure to contact Amazon via email. However, if you want to program it yourself, you will need a Windows computer as well as a cable cord.

But how would you program RT29? We frequently receive inquiries stating that someone is unable to program his HD1. Those who can effectively program their radio after we ask detailed questions about the problem and explain the solution. Currently, we’ll give you some tips for programming software.


How to Program the Retevis RT29 on a PC

Except for license-free walkie talkies, often these two-way radios can now be programmed through the use of computer software. So each radio does have its own software for programming. However, a few radios have quite similar software here as well, so when someone needs to keep more radios, they may be using the inaccurate software once programming. Though, once you begin programming, kindly ensure that you have downloaded the appropriate software for your broadcast.

It has its own USB cable, similar to the Ailunce HD1, a Moto type USB cable that can also be used with the Retevis RT29. Some radios, such as the Retevis digital radio RT3, RT8, and RT3S, could use the same USB cord. They are using the same 2-pin Kenwood cord. However, there is another type of Kenwood 2-pin USB cable that is widespread on Retevis RT5R, H777, RT21, RT24, and other devices.

We’re all aware that now every USB cord must be powered. Once you connect a cord to your desktop in Windows 10, the USB Driver is usually installed automatically. However, on a Windows 7 or 8 system, you must first install the USB Driver so that you can program software. Often this software now does not support the Linux or Mac operating systems. Although the above USB cables are both referred to as Kenwood 2-pin cables, they use different drivers. Kindly ensure that the correct USB Driver is installed before programming software.

Once you link a cord to your desktop after installing the USB Driver, the device manager will display a com port number. If users adjust the com port, the com port number will be set automatically. Prior to actually beginning to read or write the radio, know the right com port so that you can effectively program software; or else, you will receive a fail mistake.

When programming the radio, keep it turned on. If the radio is turned off now and you read or write on it, it may display a fail frame.

In addition, if you utilize the firmware but not to enter DFU mode, you will then receive a fail dialog box.


Conclusion – Tutorial: Retevis RT29 Programming with Software

It is critical to get the programming correct. It means making sure that the radios function properly. It organizes communication, which needs to keep your teamwork efficient and secure.

That is why it is critical to use skilled professionals when having your radios programmed. Inform them what you require, and they will ensure that they ask all of the pertinent questions on how you intend to be using the radio frequencies and how they must function.

In contrast, if you want to program your RT29 yourself, you can do so. All you need to do is remember what we showed in this article and you’ll be able to program it yourself.



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