Baofeng GT 3 Mark III Review

The Baofeng GT 3 Mark III is a powerful walkie-talkie, which is available for a fair price. During my walkie talkie test, I took the time to have a closer look at this little powerhouse. What I found out about the walkie-talkie you can read in the following review.

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  • Brand: Baofeng
  • Range: 11 km
  • Power output: 8 Watt
  • Frequency ranges: 65-108 MHz (FM radio reception), VHF: 136-174 MHz (Rx/TX), UHF: 400-520 MHz (Rx/TX)
  • Battery: 1,800 mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Size: 4.41 x 2.32 x 1.26 inches
  • Weight: 0.45 lb
  • Waterproof: no information
  • License needed: yes (amateur / FCC license)



Scope of Delivery

The Baofeng GT 3 Mark III is equipped with an above average scope of delivery. It is delivered with an additional antenna, a belt clip, a hand loop, headphones, a 1,800 mAh battery, and a charger. Also, a detailed operating manual is available, with which everyone can set up and use the device.



The setup of the Baofeng GT 3 Mark III is very easy and is described exactly in the manual. To start using the Baofeng GT 3, the battery must be fully charged. Then the walkie talkie is assembled and can be started and used.



I could not find any information from the manufacturer regarding water resistance. Also, on product data sheets, there is no information about this aspect. Accordingly, I can’t make a statement about water resistance.




Power Source

The walkie talkie has its energy from a 1.800 mAh battery. The capacity of the battery is entirely sufficient to use the device on a long hiking tour or a full-day excursion. Should the battery run out, it is possible to use the integrated battery saving function. Besides, the GT 3 Mark III emits an alarm when the battery level is low.



According to the manufacturer, the range is up to 11 km. In my test up to 5 km, the radio transmitted and received clearly and distinctly in every range. According to customers on Amazon, you can use this walkie talkie even in the city with a range of 5 km.

The call quality convinced me. Regardless of the tested distance, the voice could be understood very well. However, as with all headsets, the quality decreases slightly with increasing distance.



The walkie talkie has 128 different channels available for sending and receiving. The frequency range is in the range of radio communication on ultra short wave (VHF / UHF). So it can transmit and receive on 136 to 174 MHz (VHF) and 400 to 520 MHz (UHF). It can also receive radio stations in the 65 to 108 MHz range.





The range of functions was a bit overwhelming for the first moment. The variety of functionalities just seemed to be too infinite. That’s probably also due to the numerous buttons with which you can make settings on the walkie talkie.

A special feature is an integrated flashlight on the top of the device. With this, you can also use it very well for orientation in the dark. This is very useful when hiking or camping.

There is also a VOX function. So you don’t necessarily have to have the GT 3 Mark III in your hand to talk. That’s good if you need to have your hands free while talking.

Also, the walkie-talkie has the following functions:

  • Use as FM radio
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Busy Channel Lock-out (BCLO)
  • Scan function



I bought the Baofeng GT 3 Mark III for around $35. This puts it in the midfield in terms of price. The slightly higher price is more than justified, especially for the wide range of functions and the scope of delivery. Therefore I would personally rate the price-performance ratio as “good” to “very good”.



  • multiple functions
  • very high range
  • good price
  • different ways to recharge the battery



  • probably not waterproof
  • needs a license


Conclusion – Baofeng GT 3 Mark III Review

The model GT 3 Mark III from Baofeng could convince me in the test. The walkie talkie offers for a reasonable price actually everything that a real professional radio can offer. In addition to the extremely great and functional design and high-quality workmanship, the PMR radio has a broad scope of delivery.

With a range of up to 11 km, the GT 3 Mark III puts many of its competitors in the shade. Only a few walkie talkies could convince me with such a high and constant range – even in different terrain.

The integrated function package is more than sufficient. All necessary functions are provided. In the test, Baofeng’s GT 3 Mark III stood out in particular for its excellent voice quality. Overall, the walkie talkie, therefore, receives a clear recommendation to buy from me.

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Where can I find a manual for the Baofeng GT 3?

You can find the user manual for the Baofeng GT 3 here. Also, you get one if you buy the walkie talkie.

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