Retevis RT17 Review

Mobile phones have poor signal strength in our workplace. So, I had to buy a set of walkie-talkies for my employees to be still able to communicate while working. We need to have great communication inside our company because of our work’s nature. I considered several things first before purchasing since there are so many walkie talkies in the market nowadays. I will be reviewing the overall performance of the product itself in this blog post.

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  • Brand: Retevis
  • Range: around 1.9 miles
  • Power output: 0.5 watts / 2 watts
  • Frequency ranges: 462-467 MHz (FRS)
  • Battery:  rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Size: no information
  • Weight: 0.23 lb
  • Waterproof: no
  • License needed: no (exclusive for FRS use only)


Scope of Delivery

Upon opening the parcel, it contains 4 Retevis RT17 rechargeable two-way radios, 16 Lithium-ion batteries, four chargers, four durable belt clips, four hand straps, and a user manual.




Before setting up the walkie talkies, I first read the English user manual they provided in the box. This walkie talkie model from Retevis is the smallest in size, with 11.45 x 8.42 x 5.1 inches dimensions. But the size does not dictate what kind of performance it has. In setting up the product, it requires four lithium-ion batteries for every walkie talkie. It is better to charge the walkie talkies first before testing—to see the peak performance. After setting, I tested each in terms of sound quality, range, and battery performance.



This model of walkie talkie from Retevis is not waterproof.




Power Source

Each walkie talkie is requiring 4 Lithium-ion 1,200 mAh batteries to operate. A rechargeable walkie talkie that can be charged using the USB dock and adapter came from the package. It can be easily changed by simply putting the walkie talkie over the dock charger. In a single charge, it can last for about 15-19 hours of talk and listen. This must be switched off while charging or removing the batteries. For some cases that you lost the charger from Retevis, I read in their manual that they have a list of accessories that you may use as a substitute for the said instance.



As their company said, the range of this mode is up to around 1.9 miles. They are true to what they said in the manual because the range is really low for such a device. To run in this range, the product uses 0.5 w to 2 w as a power output.





As is indicated in the product’s user manual, it has a maximum frequency range of 462.5500-462.7250 MHz. This Retevis RT17 uses FRS frequency and can hold up to 16 channels. A local government license is not required unless you wish to use other frequencies. But in our case, we do not need to have a license since these walkie talkies from Retevis are designed according to the standard level of radiofrequency—established by our local government.

Their company is rest assured that they followed the radio frequencies’ requirement or RF of every country. If you want to know if this product will work in your country, I prefer to read their manual.




Retevis RT17 is a two-way radio that supports up to 16 channels. In its VOX function, users can receive or deliver voice messages without pressing the PTT button. You can speak directly, and then the device will detect and transmit it automatically. Moreover, its power-saving feature makes the user use the product for a longer time—which is good for us since we do not have a substitute battery. Also, it has a sub-signaling CTCSS and DCS that prevents it from having unnecessary signals at the same channel. You can also put a password in this product—it will require a password before programming. When scanning channels, it will automatically enable its searching for channels when it reaches channel 16. They also claim that this product’s housing case can resist one-meter free fall without breaking and still running its radio.



I found this Retevis RT17 in a set of 4 packs at The price is budget-friendly because when I searched on the other store, each of these cost $29.99, while I bought this package of 4 for only $54.99—which is just almost the price of two.



  • It has a high-quality acoustic tube that filters the sound and keeps a clear call in a noisy environment.
  • The RT17 can work out of the box! This walkie talkie can work even with the other models of Retevis (RT21, RT27, H-777S, RT22, and H-777), specifically in channels 6 and 7.
  • Our working shift lasts for 8 hours, and these walkie talkies can serve as two changes in just a single charge.
  • It was so convenient to charge because of the style of the charger and its undercharging USB technology.
  • The product has a battery saver.
  • It comes with durable clips and hand straps that enable users to carry it as comfortably as possible.


  • I find it a hassle when it comes to downloading software.
  • This model is not waterproof, so I cannot recommend this for those who plan to use this in some travels like hiking in a rainy forest and the likes.
  • The batteries are not for lifetime use. At the place in the walkie talkie where the battery is located, I saw a crossed-out-wheeled-been sign. This sign talks about the proper disposal of the batteries. The place where you can dispose of the battery will depend on the laws in your area.


Conclusion – Retevis RT17

The Retevis RT17  is worth buying because it is a set of 4 walkie talkies and accessories at just an affordable price. In terms of its frequency range, battery, and all other features, this Retevis RT17 speaks more than its worth. I highly recommend this bundle deal for those who are finding a bulk number of walkie talkies.

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Where can I find a User Manual for the Retevis RT17?

To know more about this product, you may click the link below to see the manual:



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