Baofeng UV-82HP Review

Life is full of uncertainties that I cannot predict, but I can prepare. One of the things that I thought matters most during emergencies is communication. Even though everyone in my family has a mobile phone, I felt that when the provider’s system or cell towers are down, mobile phones become useless. Some models are also not user-friendly. So, what do I need then to make sure communication is up during vulnerable moments?

I need a communication device that is easy to use (especially to beginners like me). So, I did a little research and realized that a walkie talkie would do the trick. Accordingly, as I was reading, I came across Baofeng UV-82 High Power Dual Band Radio and got one for my family. But why Baofeng UV-82 High Power Dual Band Radio?

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  • Brand: Baofeng
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Power output: 3 Levels (1 watt / 5 watts / 7 watts)
  • Frequency ranges: VHF: 136-174 MHz (Rx/TX), UHF: 400-520 MHz (Rx/TX)
  • Battery: 1,800 mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Size: 8.1 x 7 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.47 lb
  • Waterproof: no
  • License needed: yes (amateur / FCC license)


Scope of Delivery

Delivery of Baofeng UV-82 High Power Dual Band Radio depends on the chosen distributor. In my case, I got it from Amazon, who delivers worldwide. As to delivery time, it varies. It is either shorter or longer depending on the destinations and their restrictions, so you should read up on your distributors’ delivery mechanics. As buyers, always keep track of your purchases and mind other important shipment information.



Amazingly, Baofeng UV-82 High Power Dual Band Radio is easy to set up. No need to be a pro. Here’s how I did it.

  1. Attach the antenna by holding on to the base (not the top) and turn. Do not overtighten because it may damage the connectors.
  2. Turn on the back of the device. Over the battery slot, there are two similar bolts mounted. Remove these. Then, screw them back into the body of the radio by inserting them through the right angle on the holes of the belt clip.
  3. Install the battery by aligning it below the edge of the radio’s battery guide rails, about 1-2cm below, slide the battery upward until you hear a click. The battery is securely attached to the device when you hear the click sound.
  4. Charge the walkie talkie. In the charger base, plug the DC connector of the power adaptor. On any of your stable wall outlets, insert the AC connector of the power adaptor and place the radio in the charging slot. You will know that the radio is connected with the charger and charging when the red LED comes steady. When the LED is turned to green and is constant, then the radio is fully charged. You may now remove the radio from charging and start using it. Always avoid overcharging.



There is no information on this matter, and I am not comfortable to try. However, just like most other handheld radios, I believe that Baofeng UV-82HP is not water-resistant.



Power Source

Baofeng UV-82HP uses a 7.4V 1800mAH lithium-ion battery, which is also compatible with BTECH and BaoFeng UV-82 series radios. It works on models such as GMRS-V Two-way radio, MURS-V1 handled radio and all UV-82 Series Radios. According to some users, this type of battery on the walkie talkie can last for 2-3 days with an average of 5-hour use per day in one charge. If that’s the case, then that is long. Still, I suggest having a battery backup for emergencies. Aside from that, batteries naturally wear out over time, so check your batteries’ cycles from time to time.



Remarkably, experts say that this walkie talkie’s transmission can reach up to 15 to 50 miles on a clear day with no obstacles using a maximum of 8 watts power. Under normal conditions, it can go up to 10 miles with less noise or static while using less than the average energy.

While in awful condition, its transmission can reach up to 2 miles with less static and less power. Though, the manufacturer did not guarantee a range of communication since this factor is attributable to many other things like space, cause of disruptions, weather, etc.



Baofeng UV-82HP uses a very high frequency of 136 to 174mHz and ultrahigh-frequency of 400-520 MHz with approximately 255 channels available to use and can be locked using a software. That is a plus! Using these channels as Family Radio Service or FRS is free and legal.

First-time users like me must obtain an Amateur License, though. However, if you will be using the radio channels for General Mobile Radio Service or GMRS operations, a license is necessary for a fee. Please note that frequency and channels vary from the country you are. Also, permits and costs depend on the country’s law, so try to read on it. Always abide by your country’s rules to avoid future problems.




The features in our Baofeng UV-82HP walkie talkie are so loaded. It is, in fact, an upgraded version of the Baofengs series of radios. Here are some that stand out and made it true to its name, high power.

To start, the PTT switch of this walkie talkie is neither on the left or right side like any ordinary radio. Uniquely, I can see it immediately since it is on the top left side of the radio’s body. Further, this button can either be used for single and dual transmission. If you only require one transmission to talk on, program it to single PTT. Now, if you need two frequencies, enable its dual-function, its rocker push to talk button to transmit in two frequencies easily. Using its dual function is easy too. By pushing the button upward, you can communicate on Frequency A, and by pushing it down, you can share on Frequency B. Moreover, you can also use Frequency A and/or B as a channel and/or frequency scanner.

Aside from the PTT Button, the Baofeng UV-82HP has lots of channels and buttons I can program according to our preference. If you are a beginner like me, I don’t suggest that you do it on your own. Manual programming is possible, though, if you have the knowledge, computer, and other necessary tools. You need to download the software to your PC or laptop and connect the device, and you are all set. Rock on its 128 programmable memory channels by adding and removing to your scanning list or give your radio channels alphanumeric names. Just explore cautiously.

Amazingly, Baofeng UV-82HP has a lot more features. I love that it has four colors to choose from red, yellow, blue, and black. Great for kids! The output power comes in 3 levels allowing you to decide how far you can communicate. It also comes with a metal connector and responsive keypad buttons! There is so much more that I am yet to discover.



Compared to other radios, users of Baofeng UV-82HP report that given the impressive performance and features of this portable handheld device, its price is fair. As for me, who is a beginner, I feel that I got our money’s worth. Please note that the price, shipping costs vary from supplier to supplier. Always check or review before hitting the checkout button.



  • Dual PTT Function
  • Remarkable battery life
  • Three power levels that can go as high as 8 watts
  • Customizable/Programmable
  • The lightweight and rugged look
  • Affordable price


  • Must be kept clipped on, but the clip is weak
  • The power switch can be turned on easily wasting battery power
  • The antenna is susceptible to interference
  • Not waterproof


Conclusion – Baofeng UV-82HP Review

Overall, I give this Baofeng UV-82HP walkie talkie a thumbs up and recommend it to everyone. It’s awe-inspiring, given its affordable price. I can say this even if I am only a newbie because it serves and can serve my purpose of buying one – for emergency and outdoor activities.

The walkie talkie is easy to grab, usable even in places where cell phone reception is low, cost-efficient, durable, low maintenance, and can enable long communication distances. Furthermore, I like its rugged look because it gives me the pro feeling. After-Sales services are available, too. Lastly, setting it up is so easy that I am so excited to use it on my next outdoor activity!

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Where can I find a manual for the Baofeng UV-82HP?

My package came with a manual. There’s reduced size online too.  Below is the quick link for your quick reference.


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