Motorola T100 vs T200

Are you planning to hike or go out camping and worry about having no cellphone signal? Why not buy Motorola Talkabout two-way radio for you and your family to communicate with each other and keep track of your kids.

But here’s the catch, you don’t know which between the Motorola Talkabout T100 or T200 to pick. Lucky for you, I’m here to talk to you about the pros and cons of these two types of models, making it easier to choose between T100 and T200.

Motorola T100

Motorola T200

Motorola T100*
Motorola T200*



16 miles

20 miles

Power Output

0.5 watt

0.5 watt (FRS) / 2 watts (FRS/GMRS)

Frequency Ranges

462-467 MHz (FRS/GMRS)

462-467 MHz (FRS/GMRS)

License needed

yes,  if GMRS channels will be used (FCC license)

yes,  if GMRS channels will be used (FCC license)


Emergency Alert

Auto Squelch

LED Flashlight

Keypad Lock

Call Tones



Power Source

3 AAA Alkaline batteries

NiMH rechargeable batterie or 3 AA Alkaline batteries


5.22 x 1.91 x 1.10 inches

6.42 x 2.13 x 1.24 inches


0.25 lb

0.4 lb

Scope of Delivery

  • 2 radios

  • 2 belt clips

  • user manual

  • 2 radios

  • 2 belt clips

  • 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs

  • Y cable charging adapter with dual Micro-USB connectors

  • user manual

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Comparison – Motorola T100 vs. T200


First, I’m going to talk about the setup of the Motorola T100. If you happen to fancy the Motorola T100, using the Motorola T100 to communicate with each other is easy. Still, before you could do that, you have to do some configuration, and configuring the Motorola T100 might not be that easy with the Motorola T100 having only limited buttons.

But not to worry, for the product comes with its very own manual, making your life easier and will help you configure your Motorola T100. Just insert batteries and turn it on. The next procedure is to make sure that you have set the handsets to the same channel. If you wonder which channel to use, don’t worry, the user’s manual also provides you with a record of channels and frequencies. And now they’re ready to use.

For the Motorola T200 setup, you need to install batteries, the same as the Motorola T100. After putting batteries, you have to set up the handsets with the same channel and interference elimination code to communicate with each other. The Motorola T200 also provides you with a user’s manual and lists of channels and frequencies. After doing these things, the Motorola T200 is now ready to use.

Are the Motorola T100 and Motorola T200 waterproof?

Sad to say, but both products are not waterproof, so be cautious when it’s raining or if you’re around the beach. Avoid it from getting wet at all costs.


Power Source

The Motorola T100 comes with only one power option, which is using only three AAA alkaline batteries. Let me tell you that the package does not come with batteries, so you must provide one for yourself. The Motorola T100 doesn’t include the rechargeable feature, so pack extra batteries if planning to use it for several days because the Motorola T100 only lasts for about 18 hours.

Now with the Motorola T200, you have two power options giving it the upper hand with the power source against the Motorola T100. It has the rechargeable feature so you can either use rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries. The advantage of the Motorola T200 to the Motorola T100 is that they provide you with NiMH rechargeable batteries when you buy one. The NiMH batteries let you use the Motorola T200 for about 12 hours.

The Motorola T200 comes with a micro USB battery charging adaptor that enables you to recharge your NiMH batteries. If planning to use alkaline batteries, the Motorola T200 needs 3 AAA alkaline batteries, lasting for about 29 hours. The alkaline batteries don’t come with the package, so you need to provide yourself with 3 AAA alkaline batteries if you want to use this option.



According to the Motorola T100 and Motorola T200 manufacturers, the maximum range for the Motorola T100 can reach for up to 16 miles. In comparison, the Motorola T200 can range for about 20 miles if both are used with the ideal conditions, giving the Motorola T200 the advantage. Both walkie talkies have the same ideal conditions: needing a clear or less obstructed line of sight and excellent weather conditions. Both the Motorola T100 and Motorola T200 are best to use in open and vast areas.



The Motorola T100 offers you Family Radio Services (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) frequency range from 462 Hz to 467 Hz. It has over 22 channels, but none of these channels gives you Privacy codes. So if you want to buy and use your Motorola T100 in the US without having a license, you can use the FRS channels 8 to 14. But suppose you’re going to use other channels like channels 1 to 7 or channels 15 to 22, shared by the US’s GMRS system. In that case, you must get a license, as stated in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations, before you could use the equipment.

Same with the Motorola T100, the Motorola T200 also offers you 462 Hz to 467 Hz frequency range. They have the same number of channels, but each channel for the Motorola T200 has 121 Privacy Codes. They have the same set of rules, if you want to use your Motorola T200 in the US for FRS that are channels 8 to 14, then you don’t need a license, and if you’re going to use it for GMRS, which are channels 1 to 7, and 15 to 22, you need to get a license.



Here are the features for the Motorola T100 and T200. First, I’m going to talk about the features of the Motorola T100. With the Motorola T100, you can scan for channels and communicate with each other, and it consists of only a few buttons: the power button, a menu button, a push-to-talk button, and the volume button.

For the first-timers having a Motorola T100, you may think that with the Motorola T100 consisting of only a few buttons, it is easier to use. It is the opposite because, with fewer controls, it gets more challenging to configure, so reading the manual is required if you want to configure your Motorola T100. It has an external antenna. It also doesn’t provide a backlit LCD, so it is difficult to use in dark places. You cannot customize the Motorola T100’s call tone because it only has one default call tone. Other features for the

Motorola T100 is the auto squelch. If you don’t know what an auto squelch is, it is a feature that reduces the background noise when no one is talking through the radio. It features a keypad lock to prevent you from accidentally changing your personalized setting. To make changes to the existing settings, you need to enter your passcode first. One cool feature for the Motorola T100 is that it alerts you if the batteries are running low, but be careful not to drain your batteries too much because that will stop your handset from transmitting.

For the features of the Motorola T200, it is easier to operate for the first time compared to the Motorola T100. It still has few buttons but has enough for you to use without the manual. You can customize the call tone of the Motorola T200, offering you 20 different call tones you can hear before you or your family member speak. It makes it easier for you to identify the person you’re talking to by changing the sound you prefer for that type of person, be it a family member or team member. The Motorola T200 also has auto squelch and keypad lock feature like the

Motorola T100. One fantastic highlight of the Motorola T200 that beats the Motorola T100 is the battery saving feature. It is Eco Smart, meaning it does not waste battery power when on idle. It also alerts you if you have a low battery, and it also has a timer that automatically locks the handset when not in use. But with all these battery-saving features, the battery life doesn’t last as long as the manufacturer told us. Lastly, the Motorola T200 is very durable, so you don’t need to worry about your kids dropping it on the ground.


The Motorola T100 has a price range of low to medium. The price of the Motorola T100 in Amazon, as of this moment, is at $27.97. For the Motorola T200, its price range falls within the medium range. The price of the Motorola T200 in Amazon, as of this moment, is at $43.80. Both products are available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free prime shipping.


Conclusion – Motorola T100 vs T200

The Motorola T100 and the Motorola T200 doesn’t offer a lot of features and are very limited. Each product needs to be in open areas with none or few obstructions to reach maximum range, but with many trees or places with lots of concrete, it gives users a minimal range capacity. Be careful not to get these products wet because they are not waterproof. Both the Motorola T100 and Motorola T200 lack many things, but one thing is for sure, they can get the job done. So which of these two products should I buy? We can all agree that the Motorola T200 bested the Motorola T100. Why? Because it has better features.

The Motorola T200 stands out against the Motorola T100, making it the better choice. With the rechargeable feature that the Motorola T200 gives you is no doubt a better advantage. It also has better durability than the Motorola T100. You cannot even use the Motorola T100 at night or in the dark because it doesn’t have a backlit LCD. The Motorola T200 is also easier to use than the Motorola T100, making it suitable for beginners. The Motorola T200 having a slightly higher price is not a problem if you want a better Walkie talkie to use for your family. So the winner of this competition is Motorola T200.

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