Motorola MR350R vs T460

Between the Motorola MR350R and the Motorola T460, which one fits your requirements? Most of the features are identical: number of channels, power source, hands-free features, emergency alerts, etc. However, they also have unique features that may be the deciding factors when buying walkie talkies.

Here, I compare these two walkie-talkies: setup, range, frequencies, power source, etc., to make things easier for you. I discussed all the features one by one, so you will come up with a well-informed decision.

Motorola MR350R

Motorola T460

Motorola MR350R*
Motorola T460*



35 miles

35 miles

Power Output

0.5-1.5 watts

2 watts

Frequency Ranges

462-467 MHz (FRS/GMRS)

462-467 MHz (FRS/GMRS)

License needed

yes,  if GMRS channels will be used (FCC license)

yes,  if GMRS channels will be used (FCC license)



Emergency Alert

Auto Squelch

LED Flashlight

Keypad Lock

Low Battery Alert

Weather Channels

11 NOAA weather channels
11 NOAA weather channels

Call Tones



Power Source

NiMH rechargeable battery or 3 AA Alkaline batteries

NiMH rechargeable batterie or 3 AA Alkaline batteries


7.6 x 2.3 x 1.4 inches

7.54 x 2.26 x 1.37 inches


0.32 lb

0.43 lb

Scope of Delivery

  • 2 radios

  • 2 belt clips

  • 2 NiMH rechargeable batteries

  • dual drop-in charger

  • charging adapter

  • emergency preparedness checklist

  • user manual

  • 2 radios

  • 2 belt clips

  • 2 NiMH rechargeable batteries

  • 2 Micro-USB wall charging cables

  • user manual

  • accessory sheet

My Rating

Comparison – Motorola MR350R vs. T460


The instructions for the Motorola MR350R are so thorough that it will take you less time to setup. You can easily follow the steps. Images of the control buttons are available to learn and maximize the use of all the features.

Begin by installing the batteries. You can use the rechargeable battery pack or the AA alkaline batteries—it’s your choice. Turn on the walkie talkies, and you can start communicating. Make sure that everyone is on the same channel and interference eliminator code so everyone can successfully communicate.

Practice using it with family members at different distances so you all will get used to the features, menu, and settings. In case there are issues, you can immediately inform the manufacturer. Soon as you are already familiar with the handset, you may start planning your trip outdoors and enjoying the use of this unit.

The same is true with Motorola T460. The setup is so simple that even beginners will find joy in using it. The mode button makes it easier for you to switch from two-way communication and NOAA weather mode. Press down the button in a few seconds, and you’ll get to arrange the settings according to your preferences. Again, make sure that you are already familiar with the features, menu, and settings to enjoy using your walkie talkies.



If you’re in search of a water-proofed radio, the Motorola MR350R is not for you. Its IP51 rating indicates that it only offers protection from dust and water that dripping vertically. It’s not weather-proofed as well. So, take extra precautions when you are near the water to avoid dropping it.

The Motorola T460, on the other hand, has an IP54 rating. It’s splash-proofed, regardless of the direction, but not water-proofed. Therefore, you must be careful not to drop it in water. The rubber plugs prevent moisture. To say that it’s weather-proofed, yes, it can withstand snow and rain. However, you should still seal the headset accessory and micro-USB ports, and the battery cover to keep them safe.


Power Source

It’s a good thing that the Motorola MR350R offers two power sources. When you can no longer use your rechargeable batteries (if they become empty or defective), you can power up your walkie talkies using 3 AA batteries. Thus, you will have nothing to worry about, even if you are outdoors longer than you have expected.

The battery life for rechargeable batteries is, at the most, 8 hours. If you would use alkaline batteries, you get a longer battery life of up to 23 hours.

The Motorola T460 also provides a dual power source. The NiMH rechargeable batteries would last up to 10 hours. In case it gets empty, you can use the 3 AA batteries. Expect up to 26 hours of use. This handset comes with a battery save feature. It automatically puts the walkie talkies into a low power sleep mode when not in use.



If the current weather or if you are in an environment that can be categorized as ‘ideal,’ you will be able to get the maximum range of 35 miles for your Motorola MR350R. Well, that’s according to the manufacturer. But in reality, you will only get a range of 6 miles in open water and 2 miles in an urban area.

However, the Motorola MR350R can extend this transmission range with its PTT or Push-To-Talk Power Boost. As soon as you press the Power Boost button, the power output increases, which subsequently improves the transmission range. This, however, consumes your battery. You can opt not to use this feature so you can conserve your battery life.

The range for Motorola T460 is the same as the Motorola MR350R. You can also get a good signal of up to 35 miles in an environment with minimal obstructions, 6 miles for open water, and 2 miles for the urban area. The output is 2 watts—typical for most walkie talkies.



Being a hybrid radio set, the Motorola MR350R uses both the Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) frequencies. If you decide to have all the 22 channels active, you would need to use the GMRS frequencies. Subsequently, you will have to secure a license from the Federal Communications Commission or the FCC. You may check their website to learn how.

The same frequencies apply to Motorola T460, using the 462-467 MHz in the UHF band. Again, getting a license is a requirement. Using Motorola T460 outside the US and Canada, you may be subject to government regulations—or be prevented from using this device at all.



The Motorola MR350R has 11 weather channels equipped with alert features. It also provides 22 channels, each with 121 privacy codes to ensure interference protection. The built-in flashlight found in the Motorola MR350R can be of huge help during the night or emergencies. If call tones are of high interest to you, you have 20 different tones.

With an IP51 rating, your walkie talkies are not water-proofed. Instead, they only get protection from dust and water splash that’s dripping vertically.

The range, as the manufacturer says, reaches up to 35 miles. However, this may not be possible at all. On average, you’ll get 6 miles. But with its PTT Power Boost feature, you can increase your transmission range. Expect your power output to increase as well.

The Motorola MR350R is also lightweight; it’s easy to hold. It would be very convenient for you to bring them along. But wait; you can use it hands-free. You can talk without the need for an audio accessory. What about the audio quality? It’s at its best. The extra-large buttons are favorable for those who use gloves while doing an outdoor sport.

Discussing all these features, you can say that the Motorola MR350R is your best tool to communicate outdoors.

When you buy the Motorola MR350R, you’ll receive 2 radio sets, 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs, and 2 belt clips. You’ll also get 1 each for charging adapter, user manual, and emergency preparedness checklist.

Now, let me discuss the Motorola T460.

The Motorola T460 is your family or group’s best companion when going on a trip or hiking. Running out of power is never an issue as long as you bring your rechargeable and alkaline batteries. You can enjoy uninterrupted communication. Connect with your family members or friends from a 35-mile distance. Well, that’s what the manufacturer says. But based on experience, you would typically reach an average of 6 miles for Motorola T460.

In case of an emergency, you can get help from the built-in LED light and the emergency alert button found on the device. The NOAA weather channels and alerts give you warnings in flash floods, tornados, and the likes. With an IP54 rating, you have nothing to worry about if the weather worsens as it is weather-proofed.

You can also use the Motorola T460 hands-free. Just press the PTT button and start communicating. You have 22 channels to choose from. Each channel comes with 121 privacy codes.

The Motorola T460 package comes with 2 micro-USB wall charging cables, 2 radios, and 2 NiMH rechargeable batteries. You’ll also receive 1 accessory brochure and 1 user guide.



Often, we say that we should focus on the features rather than the price because most of the pricey gadgets boast their best qualities. However, this is not the case every time. This is why this review also highlights walkie talkie prices.

Motorola T460 costs $89.99 on Amazon as of this writing. When you check it online, you may chance upon discounts and sale prices. It belongs to the medium range for this price, but it is one of the more affordable. Because it is packed with features, it is already a great deal. A plus is the 12-month warranty, offering no charge in case of repair or replacements. Read the limitations to the warranty, so you will not be surprised if your request gets rejected.

On the other hand, the Motorola MR350R is priced at $349.95 on Amazon at the time of this writing. At Walmart, it’s $59.89. Unfortunately, this unit is out of stock when I checked. I visited the other online store websites, and there’s no stock as well. A used Motorola MR350R, however, can be bought for as low as $10 at eBay.

If I focus on the Amazon pricing, I would say that the Motorola MR350R is overpriced, particularly now that the production already stops for this particular handset. The Motorola Talkabout T460 is the replacement.


Conclusion – Motorola MR350R vs T460

Both the Motorola MR350R and the Motorola T460 offers dual power source, 22 channels (with 121 privacy codes), weather alerts, weather channels, hands-free feature, and emergency alerts. They both claim to have a 35-mile range as well. Now, if you’ll choose between the two, you may have to go for the Motorola T460 as you may not be able to find a unit of Motorola MR350R. Additionally, both are not waterproofed, but the Motorola T460 is weather-proofed.

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