Tutorial: Retevis RT27 Programming with Software

The Retevis RT27 is a low-cost 35-channel programmable UHF portable analog FM FRS two communication transceiver with simple operation and long-lasting construction that is suitable for license-free individual, household, or business services. A few radios, such as the HD1, could be programmed using a keyboard, but we’d like to focus on how to program Retevis two-way radios using software. A Neighborhood Security Radio Programming is Acceptable.


What you need to program the Retevis RT27 on a PC

The standard frequency of Retevis walkie-talkies with the same model is still the same. Those who can generally speak directly as long as they are on the same broadcaster. Even so, sometimes whether they are synchronized to the same broadcaster, the recently bought RT27 and the prior RT27 may still be unable to interact. At this point, you must program RT27. As a result, you must understand what to do to program RT27.

A programming cord is critical because you must attach your radio to the desktop via the programming cord. Usually, the programming cord for the RT27 connection is C9018A. Other special radios, such as the RT3, RT3S, RT8, RT82, HD1, and so forth, have their own programming cord. A corresponding programming cord can be found by using the Search option on www.retevis.com.


How to Program the Retevis RT27 on a PC

The same Retevis radio model number has the same default settings.

For the new RT27, simply change the new radios to the same broadcaster, and they will be able to communicate directly.

If you need to make changes, use RT27:

  • Step 1: Users can download the RT27 USB driver (USB Universal Driver) from the RETEVIS official website at https://www.retevis.com/resources-center/.
  • Step 2: You’ll need a C9018A programming cord*.
  • Step 3: Using the programming cord, link your RT27 to your PC.
  • Step 4: Turn also on the RT27 radio.
  • Step 5: We’ve arrived at the RT27 software interface.
  • Step 6: Select the appropriate communication port (look in the computer-device manager)
  • Step 7: In the “Program” Section, press “Read from Radio.”
  • Step 8: Specify the date into the networks, such as QT/DQT Dec and QT/DQT Enc.

As an example:

  • 462.56250 RX frequency
  • DEC: 127.3 CTC/DCS
  • The TX frequency is 462.56250.
  • ENC CTC/DCS: 127.3

If you keep hearing other radio sounds, you can adjust the CTCSS/DCS (QT/DQT).

Lastly, in Step 9, select “Write to Radio.” The dates will now be stored on the radio.


Another way to program RT27

Many Retevis radios utilize worldwide USB drivers, particularly those with Kenwood 2 pin connections; kindly download and install that as well straight from this link: https://www.retevis.com/resources center/software/USB universal Driver.zip.

Some radios that have their own USB driver can be found in the product listing’s support section. After downloading, unzip the document and afterward install it.

Try checking your database server to see if it displays the following message, which indicates that the USB driver was successfully installed.


How should this problem be resolved if it is invalid?

  • Usually, a USB driver is suitable for Windows 7 or Windows 10. If you are using other devices, such as IOS, it isn’t suitable for one another, so please switch to another desktop that has a Windows operating system.
  • If somehow the desktop is Windows, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the USB driver.


Take Note of several major Parts

  • Retain the programming wire’s link port secure between both the radio and the computer; please keep in mind that the radio remains open while programming.
  • Just choosing a proper communication access point (as determined by the computer-device manager) should be the same as the radio transmission port.
  • Try to insert the programming cord numerous times to ensure the link harbor is tight among both radio and computer.


Conclusion – Tutorial: Retevis RT27 Programming with Software

The RT27 is lightweight, portable, and easy to transport; it lacks a screen but is durable and long-lasting. This has a variety of applications as a license-free radio. It can be used to help with teamwork in the workplace, interaction on the land, and floor service at airports, among other things. You will need to program it in order to use other frequencies, but you can do so by simply following the steps outlined above.



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