Which Walkie-Talkies are used in Stranger Things?

Stranger Things is an ongoing Netflix-exclusive American science fiction horror drama television series developed by the Duffer Brothers. They used 80’s stuff to recreate 80’s retro vibes. The characters specifically used realistic TRC-214 and 219 walkie talkies. Mike and his best friends are using these Realistic product walkie talkies to communicate all across Hawkins during the 3 seasons of Stranger Things that have been launched so far.

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In 1985, RadioShack debuted the Realistic TRC-214 Walkie-Talkie, a 3-watt 3-channel CB radio. Thanks to the Netflix TV Series “Stranger Things,” these mid-1980’s Realistic citizen band two-way radios have been revived. The show used the TRC-214 version, which is a portable three-channel, two-way CB walkie talkie with a 3 Watts power output.

It is a remarkable Walkie-Talkie because the pieces used for this electronic equipment were expertly made from the highest quality components. The design is small, light, and easy to grip, which means you can conveniently take the device anywhere you go. The overall design of the TRC-214 is to deliver consistent and trouble-free performance to the users.

Key Features and Components:

For its features, the device comes with channel 14 crystals, and you can use any 2 of the remaining 39 channels. It has an adjustable squelch to easily turn off unnecessary noise when there is no sufficient/strong transmission coming through the radio. A telescopic antenna with a center loading coil is provided as well for thorough scanning of any transmitter. An external antenna jack is included as well to extend the pick up of lower range frequencies or send messages to the receiver quickly. It also includes a built-in modulation limiter circuit to establish a constant frequency with the receiver and protect your device from other negative frequencies/noise.

The TRC-14 also has amazing components like a battery test with a red LED indicator, bright red LED modulation indicator, an external power jack, and a battery power jack. You can eliminate unwanted noise too, with its built-in automatic noise limiter so that you can understand more what the transmitter is saying. A unique range-boost side panel is included in the body to the antenna system for increased signal power for receiving and transmitting messages.

Additional Details:

This device does not require a license to operate, according to the FCC. Part 95 of the FCC rules and regulations must be studied and understood. They can be used in the operation of a class D citizen’s band unit.

The TRC-214 Walkie-Talkie can use any three of the 40 channels on the CB band. Channel 14 crystals are included (in position A). For locations B and C, you can use any of the other two channels. Read the Changing or Installing New Crystals section for instructions on how to install new crystals.



Another Walkie Talkie from the Stranger Things TV series is the realistic TRC-219 21-1639. It is a handheld Citizen Band (CB) transceiver in the 27MHz area. The transceiver term means the walkie talkie is two-way radio where you can either transmit or receive messages. It is a device produced by Radio Shack, USA, in the year 1988-1989. It is a Citizen Band Equipment made of plastic material with a dimension of 79×260 x 64 mm (WHD) and a net weight of 2.2 lb/1kg.

This walkie talkie was similar to what the fictional character Mike Wheeler used in Season 1, Episode 3 of Stranger Things. It has a classic walkie talkie design in color black with simple yet useful functions such as adjustable squelch and adjustable volume upfront of the device to control unnecessary noise from the speakers. You can easily hold this walkie since it has a portable and pocket-set 8-inch shape size.

The device also composes three watts of battery to power, a battery test, and modulation LEDs. Antenna and charging jacks are included as well and can be located on the external part of the device. The walkie has three channels and a center-loaded antenna for effective communication with your neighbors or someone nearby your location. You can see the wave bands listed in the notes.


Why are Walkie-Talkies used in Stranger Things are interesting to buy?

One of the iconic 80s props used in the Stranger Things Netflix Series is the Walkie-Talkie produced by Realistic Brand. In many scenes in the series, the actors communicated through the Walkie-Talkies thus, the particular device became more interesting. Many fans would love to recreate the costumes and their props by getting such 1980s Walkie-Talkie Models.

The good news is these models are still available on various online shops such as eBay and Amazon. You can access affordable walkie-talkies, and some of them are still in optimal conditions. You can purchase this to complete your Stranger Things look or to satisfy your collectibles. Furthermore, walkie-talkies are not only limited by your creativity. It can be used by TV technicians, plumbers, electricians, construction crews, and surveyors; whatever you use it for, have fun with it!



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