5 Easy Walkie Talkie Games for Kids

Before our smartphones were there, walkie talkies were our mode of communication. We usually use this two-way radio for communication and safety purposes. They can also be used in the construction industry both for safety and communication.

Now, we can use this tool for fun. This tool comes in different colors and even designs to appeal to children depending on age.

So then, what are the different games in which we can use walkie talkies for fun?


Hide and Seek/ManHunt

There will be a child or children who are the hider in the regular hide and seek, and the other one will be a seeker. At count one to ten, the hiders ought to hide.

But to add a twist to this, the seeker would call the hiders instead of just doing the guessing game when it comes to seeking. The hiders will give directions on pursuing them, and the seeker will have to follow directions.

This game can then be played either individually or by teams.


Children can play hide and seek with walkie talkies. (© kuchina – stock.adobe.com)


Capture the Flag

It is a very strategic game to play, making the kids take advantage of the walkie talkies! They will need constant communication. That is why they need their walkie talkies.

I will need to divide the kids into two teams. Then, I will give each group a flag. The aim here is to snatch the other team’s flag by outsmarting their players or tricking them.

Another twist will be to divide the kids into three or four teams. Two teams will meet on their opponent’s base and seize the flag before an enemy takes their flags first.

It is generally suitable for large areas as players will have to cover more ground when outsmarting each other.

Each player must have a walkie talkie, and each team will use a channel to talk over their walkie talkies. The walkie talkies will be useful for sneak up locations and coordination of team strategy.


Role-Playing Games

Since many people and children use walkie talkies as communication tools in everyday professions, kids can use them to pretend or the role-playing game.

What games can kids play, pretend?

Role-Playing games with walkie talkies can also be played outdoor. (© dmitrypk – stock.adobe.com)



Secret Agents and Supervillains

To play this game, I will need to divide the kids into two teams. One team will be the villains, and the other team will be the secret agents. Walkie talkies will provide a convenient way of communicating with other team members and a means to outsmart the other team.

Players may also carry out secret missions or sneak out on each other using the walkie talkie. As a twist, you can also use only one team to carry out a secret mission in your neighborhood.



I remember the TV show Dora the Explorer because of this.

Perhaps on a hiking trail, a bushy area, or some creepy part of our house, I can set up this game.

Walkie talkies will help them talk to each other while exploring an area in the backyard or the neighborhood, searching for whatever sacred or ancient treasure they have imagined. People can utilize walkie talkies on hiking trails.

One good thing about walkie talkies is that it improves the children’s safety as they check out on each other. I can also customize the game to suit the taste of our participants.


Air Traffic Controllers

To pretend to be an air traffic controller, kids will use their walkie talkies to talk to the pilots and guide them safely back to the ground. This type of game is a perfect game to be played outside.

Kids can run around with their arms spread out, or if they are on bikes or trikes, they may navigate the airspace doing their best not to bump into each other. This game is something two kids can play, making one kid control the plane while the other coordinates with a walkie talkie so that the aircraft can land safely on the field.


Follow Directions

In this game, there will be two teams. One team will be the Callers, and the other team will be the Walkers. Both of them hold a device. The Walkers are blindfolded and must follow the directions of the Callers. I can set up an easy obstacle course in our homes or our yards, letting our kids develop trust and helping each other win the challenge.


Secret Tipp: Trendy Pro Scavenger Hunt

There is a specific walkie talkie set for this feature on Amazon. Its brand is TRENDY PRO. This device is a pink and yellow kind with a manual named Scavenger Hunt. Eight AAA batteries are required. It is 4.57 x 5.91 x 2.36 inches.

With this device, the family can get outdoors and explore with fun yard games. A scavenger hunt is one of those. I will hide a particular treasure anywhere. Then, I will divide the kids into teams and give each group a walkie talkie. I will provide elaborate clues as to where people can use this walkie talkie to look for treasures.

With their walkie talkie, kids can report their search progress, give each other directions, give each other their locations, and organize themselves better. Another twist will be to station one group of kids or just one kid at the final clue point. This/They could utilize the walkie talkie to steer other players and hints on locating the hidden treasure.

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Here you can get an impression of the Scavenger Hunt Game by TRENDY PRO on Amazon US, Canada, Europe:


Conclosure – 5 Easy Walkie Talkie Games for Kids

The above are just a few of the many games we may use our walkie talkies with. One word of caution: Walkie talkies operate within a specific range. If our children wander so far around, they may get out of range, and before they know it, they will not be able to communicate with other kids.

The kids are oriented and educated with regards to this. Overall, kids will get a sense of safety when using this device. These games and machines will also improve their communication skills as they will have to use walkie talkies while playing the games above.



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