Midland X-Talker T75VP3 Review

Do You want to know how good the Midland X-Talker T75VP3 is and whether it’s worth buying? I will tell you in the following review. For this purpose, I have examined the walkie-talkie on various criteria.

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  • Brand: Midland
  • Range: 38 miles
  • Power output: 1.5 watts
  • Frequency ranges: 462-467 MHz (FRS/GMRS)
  • Battery: NiMH rechargeable battery or 3 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Size: : 6.1 x 2.6 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight: 0.39 lb
  • Waterproof: no, but water-resistant
  • License needed: yes, if GMRS channels will be used (FCC license)


Scope of Delivery

The package that the Midland X-Talker T75VP3 comes in is like a small gift box, measuring 7.85 x 12.25 x 2.25 inches and weighing only about 4 pounds. Included in the box are two radios, two belt cuts, two 1000mAh battery-powered battery packs, workspace charger, AC divider connector, miniature USB charging link, and an owner’s manual.




Unbelievably, Midland X-Talker T75VP3 is very easy to set up. Here are the three simple strides on how you set up your device:

  1. With the rear of the radio confronting you, eliminate the belt cut (see chart underneath) for simple access, at that point eliminate the Battery Cover by pushing down on the top community and sliding it down from the radio.
  2. Supplement NiMH battery pack or 3 AA batteries noticing the extremity as appeared. Introducing the batteries mistakenly will forestall the unit from working or may harm the company.
  3. I returned the battery Cover by sliding it up on the radio. Supplant the belt cut, ensuring it secures set up.



Midland X-Talker T75VP3 doesn’t have any International Protection IP or Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) numbered rating in my examination. Those are the evaluations to quantify radios’ waterproofing levels. All things considered, like most other handheld radios, I believe that it is water-safe. This means this walkie-talkie can oppose water infiltration somewhat.



Power Source

The Midland X-Talker T75VP3 operates with a NiMH battery pack or with 3 AA alkaline batteries. With just one charge the walkie-talkie can be used up to 10 hours of average battery life. NiMH battery pack (BATT10) can be energized by embedding one finish of its USB Link to the USB power source and to the opposite end to the USB charging jack, or the discretionary work area charger. While charging, the battery meter will streak from 1 to 3 bars, and stop while charging is done. The LCD show will show FULL. To guarantee that the battery pack is completely energized, it is suggested that the battery pack be accused of the radio being killed.



The radio was designed to give you a maximum range of 38 miles under optimum conditions. The full range can be acquired with little to no sight obstructions, medium-range, partial obstruction to line sight, and short-range, the major obstacle to a line of sight. It also has 1.5 Watts.

Ideal Conditions are:

  • Overwater
  • Open provincial territories without impediments
  • zones where you can see the other individual

To guarantee you get the most extreme reach:

  • Make certain to utilize new or completely energized batteries – low batteries will
  • cause low force conditions.
  • Make certain to set your radio to utilize Hi-power.




The channels used were 36 Family Radio Service Channels plus 121 codes for Privacy Codes. Ten NOAA Weather or WX Band Channels with a UHF 462.5500 to 467.7125 megahertz as an operating frequency. license is not required to use this walkie talkie, but a permit is necessary for GMRS operation (Only Applicable for GMRS Radio Use in the United States)




Midland X-Talker T75VP3 has amazingly many functions and features despite its small size and lightweight design. The top main features of the midland X-Talker T75VP3 that I specifically encounter are the scanner, call alerts, keypad lock, VOX, roger beep tone, vibrate alert that is only available for model T75 only, and the silent operation.

The first feature of the Midland X-Talker T75VP3 that I will discuss is the scanner. With the Midland X-Talker T75VP3 Scan, the radio can check each of the 36 channels’ movement. I just pressed the SCAN button and rehashed a similar technique to exit, the radio quickly checked every 36 channels and stopped in any dynamic medium for about 6 seconds. The Midland X-Talker T75VP3 can also send a call alert, and I just pressed the CALL button, then a tone can be heard on the speakers for affirmation. The T75 has ten call alarms counting 5 “creature sounds” – Cougar, Duck, Crow, Wolf, and also Turkey. It also has a Keypad Lock to abstain from inadvertently changing the radio setting, press the LOCK button for 4 seconds. A symbol will show up on the showcase. PTT and CALL will, at present, be dynamic.

Rehash a similar methodology to open the keypad. The radio has 9 VOX level settings: (oF/1~9). To set VOX, I press the MENU button until the showcase shows “VOX”. On the privilege of the CHANNEL NUMBER presentation, an “oF” symbol shows up. I Select “1” ~ “9” and push the PTT key, and I can also press the MENU button again to move to the following component setting. VOX will be more touchy on the lower location than on the higher ground. To turn VOX off, I press the MENU button until the showcase shows “VOX”.

On the privilege of the CHANNEL NUMBER presentation, a “1” ~ “9” symbol shows up. I Select “oF” and push the PTT key, or I can press the MENU button again to move to the following component setting. For the roger beep tone at the point when the PTT button is delivered, the radio blares to affirm to different clients that the transmission has wrapped up.

I set the ROGER BEEP tone by pressing the MENU button until the show shows an “RB” symbol. I select “on” or “oF” and push the PTT key, or I press the MENU catch to move to the following component setting. I set the VIBRATE ALERT alert by pressing the MENU button until the presentation shows a symbol. I select “on” or “oF”, and press the PTT catch, or I can push the MENU button. The logo will stay on the showcase whenever set to “on”—lastly the silent operation. The walkie-talkie has a silent operation mode. In this mode, all “signals” and “tones” are crippled. I set the SILENT OPERATION by pressing the MENU button until the show shows a “bP” symbol. I select “on” or “oF” and press the PTT key or MENU button.



Is the Midland X-Talker T75VP3 worth your cash? In light of my exploration on the web, FRS radios costs generally range from $15 – $100 a couple. I bought it for $87.99/pair + delivering expense, and I believe it wasn’t that bad at all. It is as yet not behind different models as Midland X-Talker T75VP3 still has a scanner, call cautions, keypad lock, VOX, roger beep tone, vibrate alert that is just accessible for model T75 just, and the quiet activity.



  • It has VOX features
  • It has a tone-coded Squelch system that gives up to 2,662 channel options to help block other conversations.
  • It is ideal for hunting with over five animal call alerts.
  • License-free
  • Rechargeable battery packs
  • Light-weight and small in size


  • It is only water-resistant
  • There are several precautionary measures to take note of using the radio.
  • Privacy channels can only be set on certain tracks.


Conclusion – Midland X-Talker T75VP3 Review

In my own opinion, Midland X-Talker T75VP3 is worth it for its price. I am a beginner in using a two-way radio, but with Midland X-Talker T75VP3 it is easy to learn the basics. What I also like about the new Midland X-Talker T75VP3 is that you can easily hunt with its five animal call alerts.

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Where can I find a user manual for the Midland X-Talker T75VP3?

For its manual please click the following link: https://midlandusa.com/?s=X-TALKER+T75VP3

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