Motorola CLS1410 Review

Any two-way radio is a communication device that uses signals and frequency to transmit information from one side to another. It’s a valuable tool for encouraging worker collaboration or family adventures. Using radio either provides a mechanism of bringing personnel from many departments to work toward a common objective or personal activities like hiking and camping to the great outdoors.

The CLS series of Motorola two-way radios have a character for being a solid device that even the most inexperienced users can rapidly learn. The Motorola CLS1410 bears true to form. This compact radio is convenient to use for on-the-go employees, and it has a broad range and extended battery life.

Whenever it pertains to dependable radio transmissions, minimalism is a luxury. The Motorola CLS1410 meets the criteria for an easy-to-use, authentic two-way radio, delivering an efficient communication option to institutions, businesses, families, and other groups.

Here are some things to think about before obtaining the radio.

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  • Brand: Motorola
  • Range: 5 miles
  • Power output: 1 watt
  • Frequency ranges: 464.5-469.5625 MHz (UHF)
  • Battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable Battery
  • Size: 3.5 x 7.63 x 12 inches
  • Weight: not stated
  • Waterproof: no
  • License needed: yes


Scope of Delivery

When you purchase Motorola CLS1410, these are the components that it comes with, along with a pair of radios:

  • Belt Holster with Swivel
  • Quick Slip in Power adapter
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • Product manual



This element is crucial to consider as well. Install, configuring, and switching frequency and channels can be simple if you buy a convenient radio. If you choose a difficult one, it may be the opposite.

The CLS1410 has a lot of functions and is extremely easy to use. It contains a few buttons that enable simple operation and control. It also has a display that shows you the channels and frequencies that you are using.

To start using your radios, consider the following.

  1. Put the Swivel Belt Holster on. Insert the radio’s base into the holster till it clicks in fit. Slide the radio aside from its holster by pushing the latch upon its holster.
  2. Installation of the battery. Before you would use your walkie-talkie, users must first install battery packs into it. Accomplish this by first detaching the battery latch and then the battery lid for ease. After you’ve taken the covering, put the batteries firmly in order.
  3. Turn on the device. Press the power button for at least 3 seconds and wait for the device to lit up.



Unfortunately, the CLS1410 is not waterproof nor weatherproof. It is, however, water-resistant, which means it can withstand little dispersions of liquid.  Having that said, it is intended for use in damp areas and could combat light rain. When you find that you’ve drenched the radio, switch it off, then let it dry for at least a day before turning it back on.



Power Source

One of several best batteries for radio has been the lithium-ion battery. This power pack is one of the few battery options that provide high-quality power while also lasting a lot longer. It charges quickly and can’t wear down easily.

The CLS1410’s power source is a lithium-ion battery. The lithium battery powers the radio for more than 15 hours. It enables the radio to operate for longer than a regular work shift while still retaining a reserve rechargeable battery.

The radio incorporates an AC drop-in recharging dock that allows people to recharge the batteries efficiently. It also includes an AC adapter for safe recharging and to prevent both battery and radios from electrical harm caused by excessive voltage.



The CLS1410 offers consistent coverage of approximately 200,000 sq. ft. This radio utilizes 1 watt to give valuable coverage, which equates to 15 floors. Within its service area, the radio provides great signal quality.

The CLS1410 has an optimum frequency band of one mile, but some users reported that the radio has a range of approximately five miles.

It also includes a high-quality battery that guarantees the portable transceiver has optimum coverage.



The CLS1410 transmits data across four channels. These channels operate at higher frequencies with efficient signal strength, ensuring flawless transmission. It also has many business-exclusive frequencies.

The CLS radio works on 56 distinctive frequencies. It also has roughly 121 codes that allow for a clean signal for flawless communications. The FCC license is used by the radios to ensure a strong coverage area and clear communication.




The Motorola CLS1410 is compact and has lesser features compared to most two-way radios. However, its features are the ones most needed by users. This handset is only optimal for use in warehouses, shops, and buildings within limited coverage.

  1. VibraCall Alert:
    One of the CLS1410’s features is the VibraCall alert. This function is uncommon in transceivers, providing the CLS1410 an advantage over competitors. The VibraCall function informs users and allows users to accept transmissions discreetly.
  2. VOX” Voice Activation Ready:
    The CLS radio has an innovative voice activation mechanism that provides the user with convenience and comfort. Whenever used with appropriate hands-free devices, the functionality enables the user to experience the convenience of hands-free control. Whenever the hands are occupied, the enhanced voice activation allows the user to control the radio. All you have to do is turn it on and experience stress-free usage. Once you engage the feature, the radio begins sending as soon as it detects your speech and stops sending as soon as you stop talking.
  3. Tones for Calls:
    This functionality works in conjunction with the VibraCall function. The CLS1410 includes three configurable tones that warn the user once an incoming communication is detected. It informs the user about the transmission ahead of time, rather than the transmission starting without their awareness.
  4. Keypad Lock Technology:
    The CLS includes a keypad lock function that lets you keep your previously stored settings. The functionality protects you from unintentionally or purposefully tapping the keypad. When you enable the functionality, you will be unable to use the keypads. It stops the user from inadvertently pushing the keypads, resulting in settings changes and reducing unwanted downtime.
  5. Scanning Channels Automatically:
    The CLS1410 has a channel scan feature. The channel scan system allows users to scan across channels automatically. It also relieves the users of the burden of manually entering the channels, which could take longer.



The CLS1410 is really affordable, starting at $179.00. It is incredibly efficient and ideal for customers on a tight budget. It provides great quality and efficiency at a cheap cost, resulting in a high quality-to-price ratio.

Notwithstanding its low price, the radio provides excellent performance to its consumers. It is among the greatest transceivers available.



  • Affordable and cheaper price
  • Convenient to use
  • Small and handy device
  • Efficient for shops and businesses
  • VOX technology ready
  • Keypad lock feature


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Limited distance coverage
  • A limited number of channels


Conclusion – Motorola CLS1410 Review

For connectivity in workplaces, campuses, factories, and other institutions, walkie-talkies, just like CLS1410, are frequently preferable to cell phones. They have a longer battery capacity, plus it’s not reliant on infrastructures like cellular networks, which can be knocked down in severe storms.

The Motorola CLS1410 is a two-way radio that may be used for a variety of purposes. The radio has several characteristics that set it apart from other two-way versions of radios. Besides, the radio has a large battery that allows it to cover up to five miles in open spaces and 15 stories within buildings.

Because of its decent range and speed, it is the perfect choice for any user. It is also incredibly simple to use and reasonably priced. It has several technological benefits that set it apart from conventional radios.

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Where can I find a manual for the Motorola CLS1410?

For a better guide, use the user manual below:


How can I change the frequency on my Motorola CLS1410?

Consider the two steps below if you want to change the frequency of your device.


First: Activating the CLS Radio’s Programming Mode

  1. Make sure your radio is turned off.
  2. Hold down the Push to Talk (PTT) and MON buttons at the same time.
  3. Turn on the radio while holding down MON and PTT.
  4. You would receive a tone and then notice a “PROG” indicator on the screen after around 3 seconds.


Second: Changing its Frequency

  1. After entering the “Programming Mode” as described above.
  2. Just choose the channel number on which you want to adjust the frequency. The channel number should display immediately upon entering programming capability, and you may adjust it with the plus (+) and minus (-) keys.
  3. Hold MENU till the word “FREQ” appears, and at the same time, the frequency value above this one blinks.
  4. Use the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons to pick a number to change the frequency.
  5. To quit, press PTT, and to resume programming, press MENU.



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