Motorola T465 vs T480

Walkie talkies are essential for modern-day communication since these devices rely on a single frequency band. Walkie talkies are portable two-way communication radio transceivers that effortlessly outwork mobile phones for transmission services.

Walkie talkies remain superior for heavy-duty works, such as rescue operations, police duty, search patrols in remote areas. These devices work in desolate areas where transmission is often difficult.

Motorola Inc. is one of the top companies that produce walkie talkies widely used in many fields. This article discusses two models, the Motorola T465 and the Motorola T480. The article discusses the Federal Communication Commission’s laws and the different aspects of these walkie talkies that make them ideal for use.

Motorola T465

Motorola T480

Motorola T465*
Motorola T480*



35 miles

35 miles

Power Output

no information

no information

Frequency Ranges

462-467 MHz (FRS/GMRS)

462-467 MHz (FRS/GMRS)

License needed

yes,  if GMRS channels will be used (FCC license)

yes,  if GMRS channels will be used (FCC license)



Emergency Alert

Auto Squelch

LED Flashlight

Keypad Lock

Low Battery Alert

Weather Channels

11 NOAA weather channels
11 NOAA weather channels

Call Tones



Power Source

NiMH rechargeable batterie or 3 AA Alkaline batteries

NiMH rechargeable batterie or 3 AAA Alkaline batteries


7.54 x 2.26 x 1.37 inches

7.6 x 2.3 x 1.4 inches


0.43 lb

0.42 lb

Scope of Delivery

  • 2 radios

  • 2 belt clips

  • 2 NiMH rechargeable batteries

  • Y cable charging adapter with dual Micro-USB connectors

  • 2 earbuds with PTT microphone

  • carry case

  • user manual

  • accessory sheet

  • 1 radio

  •  belt clip

  • 1 NiMH rechargeable battery

  • Micro-USB charging cable

  • wall/desk stand

  • user manual

  • accessory sheet

  • emergency preparedness checklist

My Rating

Comparison – Motorola T465 vs. T480


The Motorola T465 walkie talkie is bought in two or four units, depending on the Amazon seller. The seller’s setup package for the T465 includes belt clips for each handset. The model comes with: 2 radios, 2 NiMH rechargeable batteries, 2 Micro-USB wall charging cables, two belt clips.

Other than that, there’s the standard user guide, accessory brochure, and warranty card.

The setup for the T465 is easy. Install the batteries and handset. Then, you will have to configure the handsets to the channel and set the interference elimination code. As far as other models, the T645 handsets are user-friendly. It is fast and easy to assemble.

The Motorola T480 seller setup is sold as one unit per transaction. The package comes with one micro-USB wall charging cable, one NiMH rechargeable battery. Additional accessories include whistle belt clip, wall or desk stand, emergency preparedness checklist, and accessory brochure. The T480 comes with the standard user manual, one-year warranty card, and carry case.

However, what differs this model from the T465 is that the rechargeable batteries need to be recharged. After it is fully charged, the batteries can be installed in the handsets. Once the handsets are ready, you can now set them to the channel and enter the interference elimination code.

The user manual for the T480 provides a list of channels and frequencies that state if the channel is FRS or GMRS. Then, you can test the handsets. The setup for the T480 takes time.



The IPR stands for Ingress Protection Rating and International Protection Marking. These markings are a code that a manufacturer places on their products. The IPR is established to specify how the product can withstand solid-state and liquid-state particles. This numeric rating dictates the probability of a product being able to withstand harsh weather.

This is the case for walkie talkies that are often used in desolate places and emergency circumstances.

The first digit for IP_ is its rate for protection against solid objects. The second digit is its rate for protection against liquid.

The Motorola T465 has a rating of IP54.

The last digit is 4, which means that the T465 can withstand water splashes from any angles. It means that this model is weatherproof. It can work in harsh weather such as hailstorms and snow.

The Motorola T480 also has an IP54 rating. This model can be used in harsh weather conditions such as storms. It is also protected from water from all angles.


Power Source

The T465 presents two power options for its users. One is its rechargeable batteries, the NiMH ones, which last 10 hours. The NiMH is charged with a micro USB battery charging adapter.

Another power option for the T465 is its alkaline batteries. The T465 needs 3 AA alkaline batteries to operate. The alternative 3 AA alkaline batteries can last up to 26 hours.

The Motorola T480 is similar to the T465 in this aspect. That is because the T480 also has two power options. The package comes with NiMH batties, which again lasts up to 10 hours. The model comes with a micro USB battery charging adapter.

The other power option is to use 3 AA alkaline batteries. When you use the alkaline batteries, the T480 can last up to 26 hours.



When it comes to range, the average walkie talkie can reach up to 35 miles. However, these are only for perfect weather conditions. Perfect weather conditions pertain to no obstructions such as harsh weather and fewer buildings. These range measurements came from the manufacturer’s label.

The Motorola T465 can reach up to 35 miles. That is within good weather conditions with less to no obstructions.

According to Motorola and the Amazon product description, the Motorola T480 can also reach up to 35 miles. However, like the T465, it needs to be in ideal conditions.

What sets the T480 apart is it was built as a part of an emergency preparedness kit. This means that despite harsh weather conditions, snowstorms, and T480 can still survive and work efficiently. It is expected that the range is less than the described range as the weather affects the function greatly. One review boasts that the T480’s range can reach up to 6 miles in open water.



The Motorola T465 differs from the T480 greatly when it comes to frequency. As per Motorola walkie talkies’ standard, the T465 operates under the Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) frequency ranges. It ranges from 463 to 467 MHz.

It covers 22 channels, which all have Privacy Codes that total to 121.

The T465 does not need to have a license to operate. If you do not need to use GMRS channels, you can use your walkie-talkie without a license. As per the FCC guidelines, you do not need a license to operate under FRS radios. Channels 8 to 14 are exclusive to FRS.

As with other Motorola walkie-talkies, the T480 also operates on 22 channels with 121 privacy codes.

However, unlike the T465, you will need a license to use Channels 1 to 7 and 15 to 22. You can obtain the license under the FCC. These channels operate under theGeneral Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) system; that is why you will need to obtain a license.  Channels 8 to 14 are license-free.



The Motorola T465 has an Emergency Alert Button that allows the user to send out distress signals when in danger. This model also has a QT mode, which stands for “Quiet Talk.” The QT feature allows the T465 to communicate with other compatible Motorola products while it filters interruptions.

The T465 has a built-in flashlight with an emergency LED light source.

An important feature of these walkie talkies is the NOAA Weather Radio. The weather radio updates users on weather reports and gives out emergency alerts in upcoming weather disasters and events.

The iVOX/VOX feature allows hands-free operation, even without the accessories. The VibraCall notifies users of an incoming call through vibrates instead of loud ringers. This will come in handy with rescue operations.

The PTT or Push-to-Talk Power Boost extends the range of transmissions of calls. The PTT is activated when users increase power output. Also, there are a total of 20 call tones.

The T465 is praised for its eco-smart design, meeting the CEC standards for low energy consumption.

The Motorola T480 has the same features as the T465 in iVOX/VOX and QT matters. However, the Motorola T480 is made to be a part of an emergency kit. The Motorola T480 does come with emergency features such as the built-in LED flashlight and Emergency Alert button. The T480 packaging is also designed for emergencies, with whistle belt clips and stands. It even has an emergency preparedness checklist.

However, what sets the T480 apart is that the package comes with a preparedness checklist and whistle. You also have access to 11 NOAA weather channels.

The T480 comes with a Quite Charge feature. When this feature is turned on, you will not receive regular calls. You will still receive alerts.

You can listen to FM-radio as the T480 comes with a built-in FM radio.



The price for the Motorola T465 will be higher if you only want one unit. That is because it comes in pairs and bundles, which is by two or four. For its price, it is packed with features.

The Motorola T480 is priced a bit higher than the T465. You can only buy one unit. The T480 comes with a series of packaging contents that cannot be found in the T465. It has an emergency preparedness checklist, a whistle belt clip, and more.


Conclusion – Motorola T465 vs T480

The Motorola T465 and Motorola T480 are good models. As expected of Motorola, they have not skimped out on features with these walkie talkies.

These units have similar ratings, such as an IP54 rating that proves it is weatherproof. However, while it has excellent features, choosing always depends on the activity you will often use.

For people who love the great outdoors, the T465 is enough. That is because this model meets all the requirements of a standard walkie talkie. The T465 can be used for emergencies, as it has the basics such as NOAA weather channels and privacy codes. But for activities such as camping, hiking, this walkie talkie is great.

The T465 is also a solid choice for emergencies, such as storms. As long as there are not that many obstructions, the T465 will work well.

The T480 is a solid choice for extreme activities and those living in desolate areas. That is because the T480 was made for emergencies, being a direct answer for red cross emergencies. People who live in flood-prone areas will benefit greatly from its strong shell and solid IP54 rating. Not only that, but the range of the T480 is strong even in cases where there is a lot of obstruction, which is good in case a disaster takes place. For extreme activities such as ice climbing and skiing, the T480 will communicate well. The emergency preparedness kit of the T480 also works well, making this model ideal for people in high-risk areas.

The Motorola T465 and Motorola T480 are both solid choices for walkie talkies. You have to match your needs with the specs to enjoy its benefits truly.

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