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While enjoying outdoor adventures can help change my family’s scenery and mental regeneration, keeping good communication during this escapade is very important. Having to use a phone in this situation is not enough. It was a challenge for me to choose a model, as there are hundreds of options in the market. But I settled my choice with the Retevis RT27 walkie talkie. Read my product review, and decide whether this product is worth a try.

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  • Brand: Retevis
  • Range: 1+ miles
  • Power output: 0.5-2 Watts
  • Frequency ranges: 462-467 MHz (FRS)
  • Battery: rechargeable battery
  • Size: 4.13 x 2.32 x 1.33 inches (without antenna)
  • Weight: 0.41 lb
  • Waterproof: no
  • License needed: no (exclusive for FRS use only)


Scope of Delivery

I will start this review with the delivery process of the product. The product is available at Amazon for $39.99/pair. No import fees deposit needed, but the shipping fee will be a charge, price depending on your location. Upon receiving, the package must include Retevis RT27 Two way Radio, 1100mAh battery, USB charger adapter, charger dock, and 5x Belt Clip, Hand strap, English user’s manual.



How to get started with the Retevis RT27? Before I could even set up, I charged the battery independently of the radio first, following the manual’s instructions. Once full, the green light will appear. I installed the battery pack into the top 2 slots of the device.

To switch it on, I rotate the power/volume knob (first knob away from the antenna) clockwise, and at the same time, adjust its volume up.

Channel selection for RT27 works by rotating the Channel Selection knob, the knob between the antenna and power/volume knob. Clockwise direction for turning the channel number up, while counterclockwise for reducing the channel number down.

I transmit the first connection call by pressing the PTT key on the device’s left side while I speak. Keep in mind that I keep my mouth the mic 3-4 cm, as instructed in the manual. On the contrary, releasing the same button will let you receive a call.





Although Retevis RT27 has an excellent sealed design, I don’t think it is highly resistant to water, as suggested by the product details, but RT27 can keep up with light rain and splash.



Power Source

Moving on, the batteries used for RT27 are 2 Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. The batteries have a capacity of 1100mAh that could last at least 7-11 hours in a single charge. RT27 is recharge using its charging dock and USB charging. The device must be switched off when removing the battery pack. A red light will appear once the charger is on and connected.



According to the product manufacturer, RT27 has a maximum range of 0.5- to 1+ miles with a 2 watts output. Although, range varies on the terrain and setting of the user. Thus, making communication better and works better in open spaces.



Retevis RT27 is an FRS frequency band available and has twenty-two (22) channels available. Is a license needed to use RT27? Based on the product details and data I have gathered, RT27 is an FRS license-free walkie talkie. If you ever plan to purchase this like me, control the device’s exposure to Local Government Regulations. If classified, a local government license is needed otherwise. Although, USA FRS and Australian CB individual licenses are not required.






Now we have discussed the primary pieces of information of the RT27. I will now go through the main functions of the RT27’s features; VOX, Keypad tones, Call tones, and the Auto Squelch feature. RT27 VOX feature allows me to automatically use the device by activating it through voice/hands-free and minimizing background noise. To use the VOX feature, press and hold the MONI key to open, located at the device’s left side. Press the key once again to set the VOX level from zero-to-nine, and press the PTT knob to confirm the action.

Another feature of the RT27 is the adjustable Squelch Level of the device. I like this feature so much. This feature allows me to secure clear sounds if I’m in a noise-prone setting. This feature blocks unnecessary noise caused by high-intensity signals. It works through its level. If its levels are high, then the light signal is filtered out, but if it’s too low may have the opposite effect otherwise.

There are still several auxiliary functions RT27 has to offer and be discussed aside from the VOX and Squelch level feature. For more detailed information, I will be placing a link below the RT27’s manual in PDF.



Is the RT27 price worth it? The starting price of the FRS walkie-talkies is at around $15/pair to $100/ pair. A pair of Retevis RT27 can be purchased for $39.99 on Personally, this price is medium and not that bad for an FRS walkie-talkie. Given its VOX, Squelch features, and outstanding battery life, RT27 has an overall quite superb performance.



  • Clear reception using the Squelch feature.
  • Vox features allowing me to use it automatically through voice or hands-free.
  • High capacity battery life
  • FRS frequency, license-free
  • Convenient charging using its Charging dock and USB charging feature.
  • Excellent sealed designed to resist dust and light water contact.


  • Battery performance tends to reduce over time due to repeated charges and discharge.
  • Belt clips loosen unexpectedly.
  • It cannot be programmed for Windows 10.


Conclusion – Retevis RT27 Review

The bottom line Retevis RT27 is worth it for the price. Personally, as an amateur, I did not expect to have received such a high-end quality walkie-talkie with so many features. What I like most about its features are the noise-canceling and its hands-free feature. Apart from that, I am quite ecstatic when I learned that it’s license-free due to its FRS frequency.

The battery is long-lasting thanks to its 1100mAh Li-ion battery too. If there is, I’m quite unhappy about the product reducing the life of its battery capacity over time.

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Where can I find a manual for the Retevis RT27?

You can find the step-by-step manual on the following link:

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