Tutorial: Uniden BC125AT Programming

Uniden radios offer reliable and high-quality communication through radiofrequency. This means you must join the right frequency to talk to the other side of the communication line. One way to contact the other person more quickly is to program channels into your device. This way, you can easily join the channel you want because it’s already stored on your radio. You can program the Uniden BC125AT directly on the device or using a PC.



Programming the Uniden BC125AT on the Device

One way of programming your Uniden walkie-talkie is to save channels on the device directly. You can program simplex and duplex channels on your device. Simplex channels are channels that rely on a single frequency for communication. On the other hand, duplex channels use repeaters or two frequencies to communicate. Repeaters are automated stations that listen on one frequency and “repeat” or relay the message to the second frequency.


How to Program a Frequency into a Channel

  1. Choose a channel by pressing Hold, then input the channel number. You can also search for the channel by scrolling.
  2. Press Func then Pgm/E to go to the Channel menu. Take note that entering the Function mode will enable you to choose the first channel in the bank.
  3. To quickly save frequencies on your device, use the Scan Hold mode. Enter the frequency, then press Pgm/E.
  4. Use the arrow keys to scroll and look for “Enter Frequency”. Press Pgm/E after. You should be able to see the frequency and channel number on the screen.
  5. Input the frequency using the keypad. Press “. Clr” for the decimal point. Suppose you typed incorrectly, press “. Clr” to remove it.
  6. Press Pgm/E to save the frequency and go back to the Channel menu.
  7. Press “. Clr” to go back to the last screen.

The radio will give you a valid frequency by rounding your number to the nearest frequency. If you type in an invalid frequency, you’ll see Out of Band on the screen, and your radio will beep three times. Press “. Clr“, then dial a valid frequency.

If the frequency already exists, the screen will say frequency Exists – Confirm? Press Pgm/E to enter the frequency.


How to Program Channel Text Tags

Programming channel text tags will help you identify the frequencies in your channel list. You can input up to 16 characters for the channel name.

  1. Choose a channel by pressing Hold and typing the channel number or scrolling through the channel. If you choose to scroll, press the function button before pressing Pgm/E.
  2. Press Pgm/E to enter the Channel menu.
  3. Use the knob on top of the device to scroll and select “Edit Tag”. Next, press Pgm/E.
  4. You should see the default name of the bank on the screen. Use the scrolling knob to select characters and the > or < button to move the cursor on either side. Press “. Clr” to remove the last character. Pressing “. Clr” will remove all characters.
  5. Save the tag by pressing Pgm/E. If you want to cancel and exit, press I/O.


How to set CTCSS/DCS For a Channel

The CTCSS tone or DCS code allows your radio to open squelch on any tone or code, selected tones or codes, or open squelch if no CTCSS/DCS has been detected.

  1. Choose a channel by pressing Hold and typing the channel number or scrolling through the channel. If you choose to scroll, press the function button before pressing Pgm/E.
  2. Press Pgm/E to enter the Channel menu.
  3. Use the scroll control to highlight Set CTCSS/DCS, then press Pgm/E.
  4. Scroll to choose the desired action of your radio. The default setting is Off, which means your walkie-talkie will ignore all tones and open squelch on any signal.
  5. Select CTCSS and input the appropriate tone. Select DCS, then input the right code. Squelch will open for the channel if it matches the tone or code you’ve input.
  6. You may also search for tones and codes you use through the CTCSS/DCS Search. Your device will open squelch on any signal.
  7. If you select No Tone, the channel will open squelch if no CTCSS/DCS is detected.
  8. Press Pgm/E to save the settings and go back to the Channel menu.


How to Program Channel Modulation

  1. Select “Set Modulation” from the Channel menu, then press Pgm/E.
  2. Use the scroll control to look for the modulation you want to save (Auto, AM, NFM, and FM). The default modulation setting is Auto. AM – the scanner uses AM modulation.
  3. Save the settings by pressing Pgm/E.


How to Set the Priority Channel

  1. Select a channel, then press Pgm/E to enter the Channel menu.
  2. Scroll and select “Set Priority”. Press Pgm/E to enter.
  3. Select “priority On” from the list, then press Pgm/E to save the priority channel.


How to Set Channel Delay

Channel delay is the number of seconds the device waits after communication ends before continuing to scan for frequencies.

  1. Select a channel and press Pgm/E to go to the menu.
  2. Scroll to “Set Delay”, then press enter (Pgm/E).
  3. Use the scroll control to choose your preferred delay time.
  4. Save changes by pressing Pgm/E.


Programming the Uniden BC125AT on a PC

Besides programming the Uniden radio directly on the device, you can also use a PC to program channels and settings. Programming using software is much easier than programming channels. However, you must have the following items to continue: Software, USB cable, PC, and drivers.

  1. Download the programming software and USB drivers on your PC. These are available for download here.
  2. Connect the device to your PC using the USB cable*. You should see screen prompts upon successful connection.
  3. Follow the guide on the screen to program channels and other settings into the radio. The software will allow you to easily input frequencies, modulation, CTCSS/DCS, and priority to your Uniden radio.


Conclusion – Uniden BC125AT Programming

You can program your Uniden BC125AT radio directly or with the use of software on a PC. Either way, programming will allow you to navigate through channels and join the correct frequency quickly. It will also provide faster and more reliable communication over your device. Furthermore, programming your Uniden radio will keep you from adjusting the settings all the time.



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