Uniden BC75XLT Review

Although it is an older model and replaced by the Uniden SR30C Bearcat, it still has excellent features. The Uniden BC75XLT scanner is ideal for listening to important and milestone events in the community. For instance, when a natural disaster or severe weather is coming, you can conveniently listen to all the reports going directly into the emergency agencies in real-time. In this review, I provide information on the Uniden BC75XLT scanner. We’ll take a look at its specs, batteries, range, frequencies, and other important features.

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  • Brand: Uniden
  • Range: no information
  • Power output: no information
  • Frequency ranges: 25 – 54 MHz, 108 – 174 MHz, 406 – 512 MHz, etc.
  • Battery: 2 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries or 2 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Size: 4.53 x 2.64 x 1.29 inches
  • Weight: 0.39 lb (without antenna and battery)
  • Waterproof: no
  • License needed: yes (FCC license)


Scope of Delivery

It is equipped with a flexible BNC antenna, a belt clip, USB charging cable, strap, software, and owner’s manual. I found that the antenna is okay for scanning nearby signals from emergency services, local police, and local sporting events. If you’re looking for more range like I am, you have the option to purchase a more powerful one.

The scanner has a BNC connector, making it easy to connect with different optional antennas. This includes an external mobile antenna or an outdoor base station antenna. The user manual of the Uniden BC75XLT can be easily downloaded from the Uniden website.

Being an enthusiastic hobbyist, I can easily decipher the manual, but I can see that a beginner might have some issues with it. Users can connect an optional earphone or headphone and extension speakers, and you can use 1/8-inch mini-plug earphones or stereo headphones or speaker cables. I checked the factory-attached belt clip and saw that the mounting screws could be easily adjusted or completely removed using a Philips screwdriver.



When the charged Ni-MH batteries or alkaline batteries have been installed in the Uniden BC75XLT unit, you’re ready to turn it on. Just a side note, I always make sure that the antenna is connected before I turn it on.

The default band plan of the scanner is USA (it also has an option for Canada). Press and hold 1 for the USA and 2 for Canada. To begin searching for frequencies, press Srch. When you press the Hold key, it stays on the frequency until it is released. You can press the Scan key if you want to cycle through the channels and look for stored frequencies. It can be programmed manually or through software that is accessible on the Uniden website.



The Uniden BC75XLT is not waterproof.


Power Source

The unit requires two AA batteries, and I personally prefer Ni-MH batteries because they are rechargeable. A USB cable is provided to charge the batteries – either connect it to your computer or use a power adapter (not included). You can also opt to use alkaline non-rechargeable batteries. A switch inside the battery compartment gives you an option to set the device to their ALK or Ni-MH. I used rechargeable batteries, and the scanner lasted for 12 hours.



The Uniden BC75XLT has ten pre-programmed service search bands. I found it easy to search for frequencies used by emergency workers (police, paramedics, and fire), marine radio, CB radio, weather, auto racing, ham radio, railroad, military air shows, rural public safety, and civil air. I like to listen to real-time weather reports, so it’s great that it can monitor NOAA channels.



Users can program a maximum of 300 channels into their memory, with a total of 30 channels in 10 banks. Once you have stored channels, the fun begins as you can now scan for transmissions easily. Possible frequency ranges are, for example:

  • 25 – 54 MHz
  • 108 – 174 MHz
  • 406 – 512 MHz



The Uniden BC75XLT has many features. Here are some of them:

  • Close Call RF Capture technology:
    • Enables the unit to automatically detect and tune in to nearby transmissions, even if the frequency isn’t programmed.
  • Ten Scan Banks:
    • With its simple and user-friendly operation, users can tap any number keys while scanning to instantly turn on or turn off any of the 10 banks.
  • Scroll Control Knob:
    • It has three uses – Sel for cycling through selections, Vol to adjust the volume, and Sql to adjust squelch level.
  • LCD Display:
    • Has clear indicators to show the scanner’s current operating status.
  • Search, Lockout, and Temporary Lockout function
  • Custom Search:
    • I can easily adjust the preset search range’s upper and lower frequency limits.
  • PC Programmable:
    • The free programming software is available on the Uniden website
  • Low battery alert:
  • The tone sounds every 15 seconds when battery power is low.



The price of the Uniden BC75XLT is right smack in the middle of the pack when comparing it to other brands. Granted that the Uniden SR30C Bearcat has replaced this model, this model still delivers in every way. It is a good scanner for hobbyists. Considering its many features, I think it brings a lot of value to your money.



  • Loaded with almost all known channels in the USA and Canada
  • Automatically finds all local frequencies for you with preprogrammed service searches
  • Easy to set-up
  • Flexible battery options
  • Upgradable antenna
  • Very clear audio
  • Uniden programming software is helpful and easy to use


  • The user’s manual can be hard to decipher for beginners
  • Since it has a plastic casing, it means that you need to be careful that it doesn’t drop on hard surfaces, as it might crack.


Conclusion – Uniden BC75XLT Review

If crime is on the rise in your area, or your region is prone to natural calamities and disasters, or if you’re a railroad enthusiast, you can find a good use for the Uniden BC75XLT. Since it is an analog scanner, it is an excellent choice if you’re not interested in listening to digital trunk scanners. The unit itself is compact and lightweight, easy to carry around. The Uniden BC75XLT has a lot of great features that both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts will appreciate.

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Where can I find a manual for the Uniden BC75XLT?

Here is the link to the site where you can download the PDF copy of the manual:




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