Cobra HE130B Review

One of the best parts of being a kid is having a walkie-talkie. Ideal for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and the likes, walkie-talkies are great gadgets for children who enjoy role-playing and outdoor activities.

When it comes to two-way radios designed specifically for kids, the Cobra HE130B is the top choice. It offers effective and reliable long-range communication suitable for playful and adventurous kids. This ergonomically designed device is a budget-friendly and solid option for outdoor use or for those who love adventures.

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  • Brand: Cobra
  • Range: 16 miles
  • Power output: not stated
  • Frequency ranges: not stated
  • Battery: 3 AAA batteries
  • Size: 1.75 x 2.5 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 0.42 lbs
  • Waterproof: no
  • License needed: no


Scope of Delivery

Upon delivery, you will receive a pristine, unopened, and intact Cobra HE130B two-way radio that comes in a printed box package. The item must be in its original packaging similar to what people get in a retail store. However, you might receive the item in a plastic bag or unprinted box if the item is handmade or packed in non-retail packaging.

Furthermore, it is also important to note the product’s description before ordering. With this, you will be able to verify if you get the right item once it is delivered to you.




Unlike other electronic devices, setting up the Cobra HE130B is an easy task. So, if you have less interest in technology, the initialization process of this two-way radio will not be a hassle. Also, a user’s manual is included to guide you.

To install batteries, remove the belt clip by pressing on the release tab and sliding belt clip, simultaneously. Then, remove the back cover by sliding it down. Insert the 3AAA batteries for each radio. Lastly, return the back cover and belt clip.

Always take into account to never attempt to charge alkaline batteries or mix old and new batteries to avoid possible damage.



Currently, there is no information about the waterproof feature of Cobra HE130B.


Power Source

Ideal for kids who love outdoor adventures, this device can be used without the need for a power outlet. One great feature of the Cobra HE130B is that it is powered by 3 AAA batteries. As long as there are  AAA batteries with you or your kids, you will not have to worry about getting the device’s battery low.



This two-way radio has an extended range capability that provides up to 16 mile range. Range may vary depending on the area and condition of the place. In areas with obstructions like cities, the range may be lessened, while maximum range may apply to open areas with no obstruction.




There is no current available information with regards to the frequency used by the Cobra HE130B. In most cases, FRS radio operates on Ultra High Frequency bands using 462 and 467 MHz.

This two-way radio comes with 7 FRS channels. Moreover, this affordable and compact device can be operated in the United States without the need for a license.




Even if this two-way radio is designed for kids, Cobra HE130B is definitely real. This has unique features which make it a perfect companion to active kids who love outdoor activities and police role-playing. Listed below are the features that this device offers.

  • Design:
    • The Cobra HE130B has an ergonomic design suitable for children who enjoy role-playing and outdoor activities. It also has a bright blue color perfect for kids.
  • Roger Beep:
    • This two-way radio is equipped with a roger beep tone that indicates whether the transmission is completed and to signals if you can already talk.
  • Power Saver Circuit:
    • One unique feature of Cobra HE130B is that it boasts a power saver circuit that extends battery life. It switched to a low power mode after 10 seconds of inactivity.
  • Call Alert:
    • In order to avoid missing incoming calls, HE130B features a recognizable alert to notify you once there is someone attempting to communicate with you.
  • Warranty:
    • The manufacturer guarantees to fix product damages or defects for a year from the date of sale.



A pair of Cobra HE130B two-way radios cost about $30 dollars which can be considered as a low price compared to other models and brands.

This two-way radio is a perfect walkie-talkie for kids because of its compact design and long-distance range. It is a high-quality performing product set at a very reasonable price



  • With extended 16-mile range
  • Has clear long distance reception
  • Allows users to locate conversations in progress by scanning channels
  • Equipped with a circuit that extends battery life
  • Operates on 22 channels without license needed
  • Perfect for kids and families who love adventures
  • No static or background noise
  • Affordable price


  • Batteries not included in the package Battery does not last long If not turn off, batteries die quickly


Conclusion – Cobra HE130B Review

If you are looking for an ideal toy for kids that provides entertainment and fulfills its purpose, a walkie-talkie is the most desirable pick for you. With too many options in the market, you will never go wrong with the Cobra HE130B two-way radio.

The Cobra HE130B is a low-priced portable gadget yet offers high-quality features suitable for outdoor use. It is known for its reliability, durability, and ergonomic design appropriate gift to kids. It provides long range communication, clear long-distance reception, a power saver circuit, and call alert functions. It is perfect for active children and families who are extremely adventurous

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Where can I find a manual for the Cobra HE130B?

To find all the information you need to operate this device, here’s the user’s manual.



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