Tutorial: Uniden BC75XLT Programming

Uniden walkie-talkies are inexpensive and widely adopted, but users face the challenge of programming the radios. The instruction manual is useless, while the alternative manual from the Chinese Radio Documentation Project is outdated. And while users can utilize a programming cable and free CHIRP software to program the device easily, it pays to know how to program your walkie-talkie manually. This article will walk you through programming your Uniden BC75XLT walkie-talkie without any software.


Programming the Uniden BC75XLT on the Device

Programming is the process of adding channels to your radio. It is a vital skill in radio communication since radios rely on frequencies. Programming allows you to easily navigate through your saved frequencies and join the right channel for communication. There are two types of channels you can program on your Uniden BC75XLT – simplex and duplex.

How to Program Simplex Channels on Your Uniden Radio

You can add simplex channels to your device. Simplex channels pertain to communication over one frequency. You can communicate with another person when you join a particular channel and someone is on that channel.

Follow this guide to program simplex channels without any software properly.

  1. Turn on your device and check the screen to determine the device’s mode. Channel numbers on the right edge of the screen mean you’re in channel mode.
  2. Press the VFO/MR button to switch to frequency mode. This will allow you to input frequencies directly instead of searching for pre-programmed channels.
  3. You’ll notice two frequencies on the screen, one on top and the other on the bottom. On the left side, you will see an arrow. It should be beside the top frequency to start programming.
  4. Dial the frequency you wish to add. Just input the numbers, and don’t bother typing the period. Add a zero or zeroes at the end to fill in three decimal places.
  5. Press Menu and look for the MEM-CH item. You can also type 27 to go to MEM-CH quickly. This menu listing allows you to program the channel into your device’s memory.
  6. Press the menu button again to adjust the settings of the channel.
  7. You should see the arrow on the screen move from MEM-CH to the default channel (CH-000). This indicates that you’ve successfully saved the frequency on the device.
  8. Type in the channel you want to program the frequency to or select the channel from your list using the arrow buttons.
  9. Press the menu button and then Exit.
  10. Test your newly programmed channel. Go to the main screen and press VFO/MR to switch to channel mode. Select the channel you’ve recently programmed. It should enter the frequency you’ve input.


How to program Duplex Channels on your Uniden Radio

Duplex channels use repeaters that utilize two frequencies for communication. As its name implies, repeaters “repeat” what they’ve heard from one frequency to another. Programming a duplex channel requires four things, namely: the main frequency, offset, offset direction, and tone. The main frequency is the channel you listen to, while the offset is where you transmit your message. Therefore repeater station transmits on the main frequency and listens on the offset.

  1. Follow steps 1-4 in programming a simplex channel.
  2. To set the offset direction, press the menu button and type 25 or select SFT-D. Press Menu again and select +, -, or off using the arrow keys. Finally, press Menu.
  3. Set the offset frequency by typing 26 or selecting OFFSET on the menu list. Press Menu and input the offset value. Press Menu.
  4. Set the tone. Type 13 or use the arrow keys to go to T-CTCS. Press Menu and then set the tone frequency using the keypad. Press Menu.
  5. Follow steps 8-10 to program the frequency into a channel and test.


Programming the Uniden BC75XLT on a PC

Besides programming frequencies directly on the device, you can also program your radio with software. This method is more straightforward, but you must have the required items to finish the process.

What you need to program the Uniden BC75XLT on a PC

You’ll need three things to program your Uniden BC75XLT radio using a PC successfully. These are software, USB cable, and your computer. You can find the USB drivers and programming software here. The BC75XLT scanner software program will enable you to quickly program the channels and settings on your radio using a PC. If your PC is unable to read the software, you might need to install additional drivers for the program.

How to Program the Uniden BC75XLT on a PC

Here’s a step-by-step guide to program your Uniden BC75XLT using a PC.

  1. Download the software program and then run the installer.
  2. Connect your device to your PC using a USB cable. This will allow you to program channels and settings into your device through the computer.
  3. Once the connection is successful, instructions will appear on the screen. Follow this guide to program your radio successfully.
  4. You should be able to input frequencies into your desired channels and set lockouts, delays, and priorities.


Conclusion – Uniden BC75XLT Programming

Programming your Uniden BC75XLT is fast and hassle-free. You can program simplex and duplex channels directly on the device or using the software. While it’s easier to program on a PC, you must know how to program channels on your radio because it is a valuable communication skill. When you program your Uniden radio, you can quickly enter a channel and communicate with the other person on the same frequency.



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